Bathroom Vanities 22 Inches Wide Style and Price

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Bathroom vanities 22 inches wide are the medium size of the vanity. Before explaining about the style and the price, it’s better to take a look the definition about bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Vanities 22 Inches Wide

The bathroom vanity is the essential part of the bathroom which can be defined as the bathroom basin and the things around it. It made from different material, but usually waterproof. They have many styles that keep growing day by day as the consumer want.


The style of bathroom vanities 22 inches wide vary across the globe. It means that there are more than just ten styles. The familiar styles are including art deco, modern, minimalist, country and others. Although it precisely described as 22 inches wide, this size doesn’t affect the style and the design creativity from the producer.

This medium size of bathroom vanity suits you if you live in a minimalist house. Some of the styles are interesting enough to be applied in modern style. In the furniture market, there are many 22 inches vanities can be modified. It means that if you are bored with the current style, you can modify it for you.

The shape of this 22 inches bathroom also varies following the market demand. Two tips if you want to get your bathroom with the style that you want are to look each style of the vanity carefully and make sure that it made from high-quality material. Don’t forget to choose that has a size 22 inches.


The price of bathroom vanities 22 inches wide varies on many things. Some factors that affect the price are the quality, the material, the style and the company policy. You can probably get less than $100 for the simplest vanity ever. But it seems not right because it’s too cheap and probably offers incomplete vanities set.

The general price of great bathroom vanities set is more than $200. But especially for 22 inches vanities, you can get less than $200 for a beautiful design. Not only beautiful design, but it’s the whole set of the bathroom vanity. Remember that the price is affected.

If the material or the style is great, then the price must be higher than the ordinary vanities. So before you decide to buy, take a look the price, check the quality and choose the right size that suit to you. Especially for bathroom vanities 22 inches wide, make sure you get the right size when you buy.

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