Beach Themed Bathroom Rugs for Adult and Kid Ideas

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Beach themed bathroom rugs seem cute and exciting enough. It is applicable for both adult and kid. The thing is that there will be different design ideas for both of them. If you are currently looking for either idea of bathroom rugs, then you are right to come here. Some recommendation for you is here that will help you to express your creativity on the beach themed rug.

For adult

Beach Themed Bathroom Rugs for Adult

The beach themed bathroom rugs sets for an adult are different with ones for the kid. The design ideas are also different. The adult usually chooses the simple design but looks impressive. For example, the beach design that only has three colors. The blue color will represent the ocean water; the yellowish color will represent the sand, while the white color will represent the froth.

Another idea is to combine the blue ocean color with black, gray and white. Make sure that the arrangement is excellent so that it will look like on a beach. You can now also get the bathroom rugs as an adult that has a beach theme. Even some design with the only blue can be handled as long as the modification is excellent.

For Kid

Beach Themed Bathroom Rugs for Kids

The idea of making beach themed bathroom rugs for the kid will be longer and need more creativity. Kids love animal, so the first recommendation is to bring sea creatures on the design. For example, you can put the starfish design to the rugs. Usually, the basic color is blue. You can design with four giant starfish.

You can also add other sea creatures such as clam, shrimp, fish, and octopus. You can modify each character to be cute. For a harder design, you can try to create the according to your photo of the beach. As an example, you can make an almost painted beach in the rug. Other cute ocean creatures that can be used for the design are turtle and trilobites.

The modern rugs that have a theme of beach and ocean have the different design of all. It is the rug that shapes like ocean creatures such as clam and trilobites. With the dark blue color or ocean blue color, it suits with the theme. For a kid, the design will look cute and suit with their age. Nowadays, you can purchase the rugs for the kid in the same theme quickly. When you choose the beach themed bathroom rugs, you are recommended to check the material quality to make sure it’s safe.

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