The Benefits of a Hot Tub

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Potentially a side effect of the ever changing (terrible) British weather or maybe the current fashion for looking after our health, 2013 has became the year of the hot tub; shaking off any previous stigma attached which have them appear too expensive, too extravagant and perhaps reserved only for party hungry Z-list celebrities.

The humble hot tub has finally shaken off any remnants of pink champagne and chucked out any silver haired, olive skinned retired businessmen to make way for families to socialize, relax and bask in the deep hydro-massage that a hot tub is actually meant for.

Gone are the days where the modern family would sit around the kitchen table, eat dinner and talk about their day; everybody is simply too busy, playing video games, watching TV or working.

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Fortunately, nobody is too busy to relax in a hot tub, and not only are you reaping the benefits of hydrotherapy, you are also bonding and socializing with your family, spending quality time which is sometimes lacking in the modern home.

Of course, owning a hot tub does more than strengthen the bond you have with your family, it also delivers several benefits which can drastically improve your health.

Some people buy hot tubs specifically to help ease pain and help improve particular ailments such as joint pain, back pain, blood pressure, diabetes and even arthritis.

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This may seem too good to be true, and a little like witchcraft until you actually step inside a hot tub and try it for yourself but it really works; don’t just take our word for it, book a wet test at your local hot tub showroom and see for yourself!

Effecting one in five people in the UK, arthritis is one of the most common conditions to effect both young and old, and can be responsible for extreme joint pain.

By easing pressure off your joints using the natural buoyancy, invigorating hydro-massage and ergonomic seating a premium hot tub can provide, you can temporarily relieve the pain of arthritis, allowing you to perform tasks which would previously have caused a lot of pain.

Depending on your hot tub, hydrotherapy can be soothing or can provide an invigorating massage which exercises joints and delivers just the right amount of physiotherapy you may need for an aching joint, damaged muscle or for when exercise is difficult due to a particular illness or disability.

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A less obvious issue which hot tubs can improve is type 2 diabetes. By regularly using a hot tub daily for 30 minutes, diabetics can lower blood sugar and lose weight.

Moreover, thanks to the gentle exercise and optimum temperature (best at 37°C) a hot tub can vastly improve sleeping patterns and make you feel tired as little as half an hour after a 20 minute session; a great way to end your night after a long days work and help you feel fresh and invigorated for the following day.

Amongst its wealth of benefits, a hot tub can also help decrease blood pressure and improve circulation, a great compliment to the improvements a deep soak can have on joint and muscular pain, as it allows blood to travel more efficiently to your organs; turning your body into a well oiled machine, especially if used daily.

By investing in a hot tub, you are not just investing in a new toy that will help boost your social life amongst failed X factor contestants and Big Brother rejects; buying a hot tub is a serious purchase that will change your life and ultimately make it a healthy and happy one.

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