The Best Bay Window Replacement Ideas with Maximum Benefits

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If you really intend to install the bay windows for your home, you need to understand and peruse some plus points and drawback of installing it.  After considering them, you may start planning to realize your home bay window replacement ideas. Maybe, some people think that bay window is out of date for today’s architecture design. Actually, the bay windows are worth it if you consider some benefits they provide.

The bay windows provide a dramatic architectural scene to each room. For bedroom or living room, they can be a cozy place to sit or lounge. Another plus point is that they can beautifully show an outdoor view. Besides those plus points, there are some drawbacks of installing bay windows. The expense is one of them. Other than that, you may meet a difficulty to find some good window treatments for them. You also need to leave more useful space for the bay window.

If you are still sure to add them as part of your home, there are huge selections of bay windows you should choose. A simple one is a good recommendation. Simple bay window replacement ideas will give different look to your dweller if it is realized.  Here are some ideas to replace your old window into bay window for each room in your house.

Bay Window Replacement Ideas for Bedroom and Kitchen

  1. Bay Window for Bedroom

If the previous bedroom window was a modern minimalist window and you are going to replace it into bay window, you need to enlarge the window space. The characteristic of bay window is having three angles opening with different length and width. Therefore, the first step is of course adding the space for window layout. For bedroom, a maximum sunlight is recommended. The bay window provides it. The layout of bedroom bay window should fit the shape of the wall. Curved bay window can be applied if the bedroom wall is not straight or angled. Applying a bay window bench is great idea to maximize the function of the empty space. Thus, this spot can be a new comfortable sitting area.

Bay Window for Bedroom

For minimalist bedroom which has limited space, the bay window replacement ideas should be as simple as possible. If the room has straight wall layout, installing straight minimalist bay window seems to be the only one choice. You need to utilize the window bay area for other purposes. A straight window bench with storage and attached shelf is the best upgrade to complete the bay window replacement.

  1. Bay Window for Kitchen

Bay window replacement ideas also can be applied for large and small kitchen. For large kitchen, it seems to be more flexible to choose a type of bay window. The layout of bay window for kitchen is usually built at the center of the wall, where it faces the outdoor area. The center of bay window is usually larger than the sides. The frames of the windows are better harmonious with the furniture. It doesn’t have to be really similar, but at least they are not in contrast each other. To maximize the space utilization, the kitchen cabinet with attached countertop and sinks should be installed under the kitchen bay.

Bay Window for Kitchen

In realizing bay window replacement ideas, don’t hesitate to seek as much as possible references for the layout, color and design. Once more, the key of doing window replacement is to install the compatible appliances or furniture to maximize the function of under the bay window spots.

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