Camo Living Room Ideas – Being Unique and Modern


Camo abstract pattern has been being very popular since its debut during the World War I. It is not only popular for cloth but also interior design. This is basically the reason why camo living room ideas have been quite common in the last decades. A lot of designers and home owners love this abstract pattern decorating their houses especially the living space because it is the heart of every house. In this room, homeowners spend most of their time relaxing and hosting their guests so it has to be gorgeously designed using the camo pattern. So, if you are thinking doing the same thing as them, follow these simple and practical tips for camo living room décor ideas to get you the best result.

  • Quirky Camo Prints and Colors

The army green and muted khaki are the most typical camouflage colors. Unfortunately, they are actually not the most glamorous. Instead, the ironic twist of camouflage prints is much more glamorous. So, you should skip the traditional camo pattern and color. Choose more fashionable and modern camo color and print. In fact, the camo pattern in pastel pink or vivid blue makes a great choice. Get the pattern and color witn digital look so it looks chic. And, make sure to not overdo the camo look by avoiding to incorporate large geometric prints items with the camo prints.

  • Go Natural

Here is the fact you should learn. Camouflage pattern is not only used by soldiers. Instead, it is also common among the nature lovers in order to disguise themselves in the nature in order to get closer to the wildlife. Therefore, you can consider softening up the military prints. It can be done through incorporation of décor items that have nature touch. For instance, add leaf pattern wallpaper in the living room. Or, if you want to go with more classic items, consider the rustic accessories.

  • Repurpose Surplus
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Few military surplus items are great ideas to be added into the camouflage theme rooms. But you need to arrange and place the items in unexpected ways. For example, you can stack the ammo cans or metal footlockers at the end table. Do not forget the elegant crystal lamp on top of the table. If you want add more dramatic camo effect, create sleek drapery option by hanging metal ball chain. In the meantime, add unique curtain ties by using the dog tags.

  • Blinding Blink

Okay, here is an important part to make your camouflage living room glamorous. You can actually work with the existing accessories and add more work of arts with elegant touch. For instance, glamorous military helmet makes a perfect start. In this case, you can simply add or apply the Swarovski flat-back crystal on to the helmet by create a glamorous pattern with the crystal. Make sure the crystal matches the color palette. Another excellent idea is by using metallic spray paint and camo netting to create the sparkling wall drapery.

With those camo living room ideas, there is no doubt that you will have the most unique and most camo living space.

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