20 Comfortable Small Bedroom Design

Bedroom is a room that serves as your resting place after a day of work. Aside from being a place of rest, some people use this room as a place to work. However, it all depends on the area of ​​the room held. If a room has a small space, you certainly will have difficulty […]

How to Decorate a Japanese Bedroom

A passion for the land of the rising sun is not confined to the traditional Asian family, now in the West (like Miso soup, seaweed and sushi, to name just a few). Also the style and culture of the Japanese people are the subject of interest from many, fascinated by traditions and customs. The way […]

10 Tips for Decorating a Bedroom Japanese Style

The choice of furniture and bedroom space management plays a crucial role in what is the decor of any home: that’s because this is the place dedicated to rest and relaxation and therefore requires to be comfortable and enjoyable. The style that is capable of reproducing the atmosphere of this kind is undoubtedly the Japanese […]

Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Here are some tips to paint colors for bedrooms if you are going to paint the house: what color are you? The colors of stillness Bedroom colors as tradition says are preferred among the cool shades, which promote peace and relaxation. Would you like to create an illusion? Have fun creating the total atmosphere, declining […]