11 Year Old Room Ideas Girl Planning and Scheme

Most parents think that they should include all pink and all girly colors in the 11 year old room ideas girl planning. Surely, most girls would probably choose pink, fuchsia, cream or beige for their rooms, but it’s not necessarily so. It is crucial to choose bright and fun colors as they would represent the […]

30 Hanging Lamps for Bedroom

A floating effect simply unique and fascinating, variegated forms and a modern design. Below is a selection of 30 hanging lamps for bedroom capable of going to radically alter the atmosphere, giving a touch of chic and elegant. Cutting-edge and increasingly in vogue, the hanging lamps can be placed in any room at home (in […]

20 Comfortable Small Bedroom Design

Bedroom is a room that serves as your resting place after a day of work. Aside from being a place of rest, some people use this room as a place to work. However, it all depends on the area of ​​the room held. If a room has a small space, you certainly will have difficulty […]