5 Ways to Removing Scratches Wooden Furniture

Wood is the natural material par excellence present in our homes, whether in the form of furniture to the floor or wall covering. Is versatile, adapts to rustic but luxurious, classic furniture style as well as to a more modern. Unfortunately the wood, being by nature very ductile, lends itself easily to be scratched or […]

How to Repair Scratches on Wooden Furniture

The wooden furniture are popular modern household environments, can enliven a stay or give that extra touch of class to a more old-fashioned and dated furniture. If children, pets or just spending time is very easy they can be damaged by even minor but which are annoying or unwanted. That’s why many are turning to […]

20 Ideas about Garden Table and Chairs

Are you ready to make the most of the outdoors without sacrificing comfort and aesthetic refinement? After showing you a carefully selected range of lounge furniture in rattan, garden beds and a selection of modern amenities that will win you over, we’ll go here to present you several set garden table and chairs that you’ll […]

How to Paint Old Furniture

The figure of the cabinet maker or restorer is gradually disappearing in an increasingly technological world, where antique crafts and romantics seem to be part of the past. How to paint old furniture? No problem, you can resort to the do it yourself. With just a few tools, a little patience and a little creativity. […]