Routine Maintenance for Teak Bedroom Furniture

Antique teak bedroom furniture does not have be tens or hundreds of years old, but can also result in new reproduction furniture with style and shape in an era or a new production that maintains the authenticity of the design. For the same treatment, teak bedroom furniture can still shiny after many years if cared […]

Why Many People Love Teak Furniture?

Why many people love teak furniture? In fact, when compared with other wood, teak wood are very expensive and are now increasingly hard to come by. Coupled with a very heavy weight that is tend to be less flexible to be moved. But the reasons that make teak wood remains the target of people, especially […]

Chairs for Dining Table Designs

Choosing the chairs and table are not always easy, there are many factors that come into the field especially considering the many offers on the market. However in the kitchen you can be combined with chairs and tables with much more free and imaginative combinations of colors and materials following a more modern style or […]

How to Antique Furniture

Do you like to collect antique furniture in your house? Antique furniture, in addition to high-priced also requires a high level of maintenance. Because if you are wrong there is little to cause defects in the surface of the furniture, it is possible the prices will fell. You certainly do not want it to be […]

Tips on Maintaining Leather Sofa

In this article, we will discuss about tips on maintaining leather sofa. It is a pride to decorate home interior with leather sofa. Leather sofa is very beautiful and still be excellent because of its luxurious feel. Unfortunately behind his lead, leather sofas require regular maintenance. You must be diligent in cleaning it if you […]