Ceiling Design for Modern Minimalist Home Interior Design

Minimalist home design ideas has been chosen by people nowadays. As well as suitable for a small house, minimalist design is quite simple and easy to set up. Various models of flooring, wall paint, windows, doors, furniture, even the ceiling is quite unique and simple. One minimalist interior home design factor that supports appearance is ceiling. Ceiling […]

How to Enlighten the Bathroom Mirror

The bathroom mirror is used to perform many different tasks, how to adjust your hair or apply makeup on her face, but a mirror dimly lit will never be able to provide a clear and bright reflection, especially bath room is not well lit by sunlight. The following guide will show how to illuminate the […]

5 Ways to Unclog a Sink Drain

We all happened at least once, dealing with a slow drain. Maybe you get into the shower and, during a moment of pure relaxation, we note the formation of a water stagnation, maybe due to the accumulation of hair along the pipe. Or while we wash the dishes in the sink remains clogged. In some […]