Causes of Roof Leaks and Repairing Methods

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Rainy days can be troublesome if you happen to have leaked roof. The causes of roof leaks are plenty depending on your roof condition. Nobody wants to spend the rainy days inside their house with bucket full of water. Leaked roof is often associated with old house that rarely get attention or maintenance. In fact, it can happen to new house as well. New houses with improper roof installation might potentially have the same problem as well. Since it is considered as one of the common problem in any house, we are going to talk about the causes for this irritating problem. Along with the problem, we are going to discuss about the solution on how to fix it as well.

The Solutions for Causes of Roof Leaks

  1. Broken shingles

Broken shingles

Compared to other causes of roof leaks, broken shingles is roof problem that is easy to locate. Aside from broken shingles, some of them might be dislocated or missing. The cause for this problem is windy days. When the heavy rain is pouring down, the shingles location might be shifting as well. In order to fix this problem, you need to locate which shingles are broken or missing. Replace it with new one. If the shingles are simply dislocated or shifted, all you need to do is simply relocate it on the place it should be in. You can reinforce it with nail to prevent this from happening all over again.

  1. Improper sealing

Improper sealing

Most of the causes of roof leaks are happening due to improper installment. Improper sealing is often happen in new houses or houses that just install new roof. This roof problem is often happen on the valleys. Valleys here are the area where two downward roofs are meeting each other. In order to locate it, you need to find wet spot along the valleys. As for the solution for this problem, you need to apply leak barrier on the leaked area. In this case, you might need assistance from professionals.

  1. Accumulation of ice dam

Accumulation of ice dam

Unlike any other causes of roof leaks on previous list, the accumulation of ice dam is most likely happening during heavy wither when the snow is falling down. The temperature of your house interior is slightly hotter than the outside thus melts the snow on your roof. The melted water penetrated your attic. The cold outside weather refreeze this water. Simply remove the snow on your roof with shovel to prevent the melted water goes inside your home interior. Therefore, the cold outdoor weather will not refreeze the melted water.

Regardless the reason of your leaked roof, the solution to fix the problem is generally the same. All you need to do is locating the problem. After you understand the problem, you can find the solution for it. It is highly suggested to repair the causes of roof leaks when it is not raining. In order to prevent the problem related to this matter, it is important to maintenance your roof. Regular roof maintenance is recommended not only when the winter days are coming, but also in other seasons of the month as well.

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