Crazy Carpet Designs and the Unique Models to Your Preference

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Today’s carpets can play a huge important role in the room’s decor and arrangement. That’s why there are some crazy carpet designs that aren’t only good to improve the room’s décor and appearance but also act as a great focal point. The designs are far from being regular or ordinary, and they are seriously great for fun and entertainment.

Crazy Carpet Designs, Some of the Unique Ideas

For a starter, have you ever seen the coffee spill as a part of the crazy carpet designs? It is a carpet with a shape of a tumbled coffee cup and the coffee spillage. This type of carpet has less functionality than the regular carpet but it is definitely a part of the aesthetic element. The coffee spill carpet is more beneficial as the room décor but you have to admit that the idea is super creative and super catchy. Place one at the corner of any room, and you will immediately create an attractive focal point without breaking a sweat.

Another unique design is the room rug that also acts like the slipper container. The rug is super soft and cozy, with four pairs of footprints that can accommodate the slippers. The slippers are made from the same material of the rug and with the same color. Those who don’t know it wouldn’t have guessed that this rug has slipper parts that can be removed and then placed back again. Of course, you are given the option to wear the slippers or not, but then again, wouldn’t it great if you have the options from the first place?

Other crazy carpet designs are the ones involving game themes. A rug with Nintendo controller as the pattern will definitely look different and cool. A room carpet with Darth Vader facial expression on the carpet is perfect for your entertainment room. Or do you prefer a carpet with Mario Bros image? Gaming rugs are rare, but that’s what makes them perfect for your home décor. If you are ready to make a great impression and make your friends go ‘wow’, these are the kinds of carpets you should have.

If you are expecting a warm, fluffy, and fuzzy carpet where your kids can roll happily and covered in laces, the shoelace carpet is the best option. Made of hundreds of different colors and sizes of the shoe laces, the carpet is super plush and fluffy. Kids and pets find this carpet adorable and very fun to play with. Be ready to get tangled in the carpet as the kids (or pets) play in it, but that’s the whole idea, after all! No wonder if this carpet is included in the crazy carpet designs list.

If you want a carpet that can challenge your creativity and mind while you can still sit on it comfortably, feel free to choose the puzzle carpet. When all of the pieces are put together, the carpet will look big. But when you want to sit on it in a different room and you only need a small piece of it, take a piece and place it anywhere you like. Kids love this kind of carpet because they can take the pieces apart and assemble them again for playing.

Crazy Carpet Designs 2 Crazy Carpet Designs 3 Crazy Carpet Designs

There are so many unique designs and shapes out there. Of course, you need to choose the one that suits your preference – don’t get blindsided just because of the price or the image. There are so many crazy carpet designs for different needs – you just have to find the ideal one.

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