The 10 Space-Saving Solutions for Decorate a Small Bathroom

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To decorate a small bathroom you have to use several precautions. You have to play with the color of the walls, to impart an affection more harmonious and spacious bathroom. Additionally, you can opt for space saving solutions so as to optimize its airiness. It is also necessary to have the furniture with order and balance. With simple tricks and the proper choice of furniture, broaden the bathroom will be a breeze. In the steps that follow, we will give you as many as 10 recommendations in this regard.

1. Use variations in shading on the walls

One of the most effective solutions for furnishing a small bathroom is the proper choice of shades. Insider dealing of pastels and use two different shades of color. You can apply at the bottom of the dark tiles and complete with a shade lighter upwards. In this way, the bath will acquire a more harmonious and broad.

bathroom decorating ideas designs decor inside decorate a small bathroom  The 10 SpaceSaving Solutions for Decorate a Small Bathroom

2. Employ pendant health

Space-saving solutions for furnishing a small bathroom, we recommend the use of health services. Allow to optimize space, for a final yield pleasant and tasteful. Look out for the small sizes, but well coordinated. And use the space the sink to accommodate a mobile pendant. It will be useful to store soaps and amenities.

3. Prefer one big mirror

In the bathroom, the mirror is a must. If the environment is small, you can use a simple trick. Choose one large mirror, maybe that takes up an entire wall. With this trick, you can double the depth of the bathroom.

best ideas about small bathroom decorating on mybktouch in decorate a small bathroom  The 10 SpaceSaving Solutions for Decorate a Small Bathroom

4. Focus on the shower hot

Decorating a small bathroom means to accurately assess any space and make the most of them. For this, we suggest you give priority to your shower to a bathtub. Practical and comfortable, the shower is easily adapted to a small space. For imparting balance and breadth to the environment, play in the cockpit transparencies. Will enhance the size of the bathroom.

5. Carefully arrange the lights

Proper lighting a small bathroom offers one of the best solutions to give width and airiness to the environment. We advise you to opt for intense spotlights in the mirror area. Will extend the spaces, as well as being extremely functional for makeup. For the rest of the environment, choose a soft light and relaxing.

6. Choose a wall towel bar

How to apply a towel rack with wall? This is a great space saving idea for a small bathroom. On the market there are all types. You can choose the classic metal bar, or opt for a more antique. To avoid drilling into the tiles, there are also specimens to be applied with suction or adhesive.

small bathroom decorating ideas mybktouch with regard to decorate a small bathroom  The 10 SpaceSaving Solutions for Decorate a Small Bathroom

7. Apply a towel warmer

Towel dryer is one of the best space-saving solutions for furnishing a small bathroom. Take advantage of an empty wall and apply it with care. It will allow you to have neatly both beach towels, personal care products. Choose a color that matches the wall, so as not to burden the environment.

8. Use a laundry container

The order is one of the fundamental aspects of a bathroom. Even if the environment is small, we recommend designing with a laundry basket. Of course, you have to choose a practical model and are small in size. There are some examples that you might even hang on the wall.

best ideas about small bathroom decorating on mybktouch within decorate a small bathroom  The 10 SpaceSaving Solutions for Decorate a Small Bathroom

9. Use wall hooks and hangers

If your bathroom is small, you have to make the most of the available space. If you cannot furnish with lockers and shelves, fear not! The hooks are among the most effective space saving solutions, because they allow to exploit the verticality of the environment. Place them behind the door to hang bathrobes and towels. Take advantage of the blow dryer, so apply wall hairdryer.

10. Place a shelf on the door

For decorating a small bathroom, functionally necessary to optimize the space. The most appropriate solution is to place a shelf above the door. You can store spare towels, or personal care products. This will neatly your objects, without sacrificing the living space of the bathroom.

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