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bedroom wonderful girls purple bedroom decorating ideas  with decorating with purple Decorating with Purple

bedroom wonderful girls purple bedroom decorating ideas with decorating with purple Decorating with Purple

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Are you bored of your house where the main color is brown? Are you tired of seeing all black and white? White kitchen, black tiles and the only note of color is the gray of the cushions? Now it's time to change! Why not put some color into your life. Starting from your home? We learn to use the colors from the color purple. This is not a color, but a solid history, used since antiquity that owes its origin to a shellfish, from which is extracted. In the past was associated with blood and passion and meaning. Follow the tips that will help you understand how to back now: Decorating with purple and give a passionate note to the interior of your home.The Crimson definitely has a lot of personality and those who decide to use it in their own home is definitely outside the box. Can be used both to the color of the walls, for both the furniture and its accessories. Usually, it is not recommended for painting, because it would contribute to a net decrease of brightness of the rooms, but you can study different solutions. For example, by painting a single wall and leaving the other white or using the purple only on small decorations. For those not brave enough, consider the purchase of furnishings. A living room where sofas, armchairs, cushions and draperies are purple with white walls and furniture, will certainly give great prestige and class to the entire apartment.The same speech can apply to the facilities: a bath with clear tiles will come perfectly to choosing a towel Kit in purple tint. The suggestion is valid for bedroom, where sheets, pillows, pillow cases and duvets can agree perfectly with light wooden furniture, ash or even darker as the walnut. The curtains can be chosen in purple tone to give more shade during the summer or clear in winter, depending on how much light we want to donate to the room.For the kitchen, however, we can be more daring. Have a purple-colored lacquered furniture will certainly that print of modernity, loved and appreciated particularly by young couples. In the kitchen, we can also indulge with many combinations: set of cups, cutlery, plates and glasses can be chosen in alcohol and then in colors of red, or by creating a contrast with white or yellow or with shades of up to a bright pink. For those who are more conservative, even in the kitchen we can follow a more soft: therefore choose white furniture, but putting a note in purple on the walls or on the curtains, or just as a note for decorating the table.Finally, only if the purple color is present in other rooms of the house you can think of to put it also in the nursery. For the smaller room, recommend, then, to use it only as a colored note, we will then have a carpet, a pouf or purple pillows. As already pointed out, this is a rich color of personality so it is fine to use it sparingly and with taste. I would say that the motto "less is more" is well representative of using this shade.