How to Demo a Bathroom: 5 Steps for Easy Remodeling

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You may need to know about how to demo a bathroom. Here, we are going to talk about the best way to remodel of the bathroom. If you do the demolition, it means that you will remodel your bathroom with new bathroom design. You can start the process by removing the old tiles and old fixtures. You also have to know how to start the demolition safely. Then, you can remodel your bathroom step by step quickly.

How to Demo a Bathroom: 5 Steps for Easy Remodeling

  • The first step, you have to prepare tools and materials which you need in the remodeling bathroom. The tools are a putty knife, drop cloths, and work gloves. Then, the materials are garbage bags, plywood, and tape.
  • The second step of the how to demo a bathroom is removing the toilet. It is not easy to do. Here, you will need a hammer. Then, you should smack the dirt toilet by using the hammer. You have to begin from the base tank. After that, you have to throw all chunks to the trash can. Then, you have to break the chunks into small pieces.
  • The third step is giving protection for the bathtub. In this step, you have to remove bathtub tile in your bathroom. You should get rid of the all tiles to the studs. It is because you have to pick up all of the plaster to redo the shower plumbing. Then, you must apply the cement board. It is same with drywall. The cement board is unusual for wet areas.
  • The fourth step is removing from the shower pipe. Here, you have to unscrew off the shower pipe. Then, bring it out of the way. Then, you should take your hammer and remove the soap dish from the wall. You have to remember to bust the hole which in the wall.
  • The fifth step is taking out of insulation. Here, you have to take out of the old insulation. You have to remember to wear gloves, a dust mask, and safety google when you are handling the old insulation.
  • The sixth step is removing the cabinet. After finishing clearing the tub area, you can start removing countertop, sink, and cabinets. You have to make sure that the pipes are disconnected and the water off. You can use a pry bar to remove the cabinet.

These are some steps of how to demo a bathroom. Let’s do the steps carefully, and you can remodel your bathroom quickly.

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