5 Ways to Removing Scratches Wooden Furniture

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Wood is the natural material par excellence present in our homes, whether in the form of furniture to the floor or wall covering. Is versatile, adapts to rustic but luxurious, classic furniture style as well as to a more modern. Unfortunately the wood, being by nature very ductile, lends itself easily to be scratched or damaged with use and the wear and tear that is why, today, we will show you 5 methods to hide scratches wood furniture in an easy, economical and long lasting.

1. Shoe polish

The first method is to use shoe polish to a shade that best matches to your wood color. You shouldn’t have any trouble to find it commercially as they come in many colors. Clean the surface with a damp cloth to remove dust, put a small amount of product on another cloth and begin to treat your wood, insisting on scratches that you want to remove. At the end of Batman that the polish is dry and passed on the wood of the clear polish.

hiding ugly scratches on furniture in hide scratches wood furniture 5 Ways to Hide Scratches Wooden Furniture

2. Wax crayons

If you don’t have or don’t want to buy shoe polish, a good alternative is to use of crayons. Identified first the color to you suitable, cut a piece off and melt in a teaspoon place right on the flame of a lighter. Pour the mixture into the scratches be removed and orderly that everything is dry. As with the previous version, if you want a polished effect, just hover above the clear polish.

remove scratches from old furniture mybktouch regarding how to fix scratches on wooden furniture How to Repair Scratches on Wooden Furniture

3. Olive oil or cocoa butter

If the scratches are only skin deep you can try to polish the surface with olive oil or cocoa butter. Proceed by putting a bit of product on a microfiber cloth, so don’t let tissue residue, and wipe the area to be treated. With this method you can treat scratches on furniture while it is preferable to avoid the fat on the floor as you might slip of people walking over it.

4. Use a knob

Even a simple nut can come to the rescue. Open the nut and extract the nutmeat, pass it on scratches and wait a few minutes so that oils contained naturally in walnut will fill your scratching. Of course this method is suitable for superficial scratches.

5. Wood putty

If the scratches are deep the best solution is use of wood putty. If any are found in hardware stores and home improvement stores. You can buy it in neutral color and then move the paint on the treated area or buy already colored. In both cases you have to withdraw the product from its packaging using a flat spatula and fill the furrows left by scratches. Harden and polished with a cleaner for wood.

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