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Gone are the days when the phrase “log home interiors” was associated with the modest decoration of the country house, low ceilings, small windows. A modern log house can be very different: a huge hut decorated for old Russian chambers, or an elegant modernist style theater of the early 20th century, or a constructive house with multi-level terraces, or a spectacular frame and log construction of Post & Beam. Accordingly, the interior of the house from the log allows a lot of options. Moreover, it is not necessary to be limited to one style, but it is possible to implement different styles of the interior of a wooden house in different rooms.

Unite them will be the log walls themselves, which are associated with reliability, quality, with the centuries-old history of mankind, with life in harmony with nature. As an accent of the interior of such a house there is always an invigorating smell of solid wood, inaccessible in urban high-rise buildings.

Russian style wooden house

Russian style in log homes interior designs does not mean the accumulation of Russian ethnics as in a souvenir shop with matryoshkas. Although the products of famous folk crafts – Gzhel, Khokhloma, Vologda lace, Kasli casting, filigree – can be present as a necessary decoration.

The basic concept of the Russian style in the interior design of a log house is a stove lined with highly artistic tiles.

All rooms are dominated by solid wood, no MDF or chipboard, no plastic windows. From the array made tables, benches, chairs, kitchen set, chest of drawers. Their surfaces are not painted, the texture of the wood is clearly visible. Built-in technology is closed by facades.

Required elements of design:

  • A variety of natural textiles, including hand-embroidered: napkins, tablecloths, bedspreads, towels, dense linen curtains, interior drapes, fabric ceiling;
  • A variety of wooden carvings – on furniture, window and door casings, stairs and other structures;
  • Elegant trunks and chests instead of cabinets, chests of drawers, banquets;
  • The design of the kitchen in the log house necessarily includes a large dining table and wide benches;
  • Lamps are selected in the form of a lamp or a candle;
  • Traditional accessories: samovar, pottery, jugs, kegs, colorful rugs, forged products.

In general, the rooms should be light and spacious, no piling of furniture and things.

Scandinavian style wooden house

The interior in a log house in the Scandinavian style is characterized by an abundance of light and space – an open layout, high windows, wide doorways, adjoining rooms. The main colors are light: white, cream, blue, light gray, beige, buffy, terracotta. The situation is laconic, practical, no unnecessary decorations, antique paintings or antiques.

The main features of Scandinavian design:

  • Windows without heavy curtains, only with light curtains or blinds;
  • Furniture, flooring – white, or made of light wood;
  • Beds and sofas – folding, with drawers;
  • Bright color accents – scarlet, burgundy, yellow, green – in the form of small impregnation in the patterns of upholstery and facing;
  • In the decor there are northern and sea motifs: ornaments or ceramic figurines with fish, deer, fir-trees.

Canadian style wooden house

Today, the frame-log technology of Post & Beam housing construction (post-and-bam, post and beam) is rapidly gaining popularity. She came to us from Canada, where most of the houses from logs are built exactly this way, but in general this technology has been known since the time of the European Middle Ages under the name of a half-timbered house.

Such houses have a rigid frame made of massive vertical log racks, horizontal beams, diagonal braces. Horizontal short logs are laid in between vertical columns, but in general these gaps can be filled in any way – for example, a bar, flat panels of different materials, or make a window to the whole wall.

This opens up huge opportunities for a variety of architecture options for the building, as well as ways of finishing.

Advantages of Post & Beam technology in front of a traditional log house:

  • Less cost of erection;
  • Less cost of operation at home, more energy efficiency;
  • Rapid erection;
  • Absence of shrinkage, deformation of stairs, floors, roofs;
  • Aesthetic appeal, diverse architecture.

Frame-log houses can be round or 8-coal, with complex roofs, internal balconies, bay windows, terraces. One of the spectacular options – when the frame is supported by a huge vertical log meter diameter, which stands in the center of an extensive hall with high ceilings.

In the interior of the frame log house, any natural materials are suitable – wood, stone, glass, forged metal, eco-friendly fabric.


The design of the log house of the Provence style is designed in pastel colors, and the atmosphere is associated with the motley grass of southern France, summer heat, lush vineyards, unhurried provincial way of life. The windows admit a maximum of light to the ceiling, live and dried flowers are spread everywhere, the newest household appliances are adjacent to the old furniture, which was taken from the grandmother.

The distinctive features of the Provence style:

  • Painting walls and ceilings – cream, beige, pale green, lavender, gently-lemon; Doors and windows are usually white;
  • On the floor – a textured board, terracotta tiles;
  • Furniture is simple, with coarse silhouettes, sometimes artificially aged, shabby; Beds with wrought-iron headboards;
  • Various wicker furniture;
  • An abundance of natural textiles made of cotton, chintz, linen – napkins, curtains, tablecloths, small pillows, curtains;
  • Floral ornament on the upholstery of furniture, ceramic dishes, flower pots, wall decoration;
  • Forged elements – chandeliers, sconces, candlesticks, mirror frames, wall shelves, lattices on a fireplace are obligatory.

For the Provence style, an abundance of accessories is characteristic – various shelves, fitted with small elegant items, photographs, drawings, paintings within frames, lace napkins, wicker vases, baskets, pots, decorative plates, figurines, etc.


The interior of the house is made of round logs of country style – it’s rough simplicity without frills, nice man-made products made of natural materials, easy disorder, lack of bright accents. The center of the living room necessarily occupies a fireplace – a stone or brick, in extreme cases electric. Floor coverings – a pine board, a tile from a sandstone, slate or a laminate simulating natural materials.

For the country are characterized by:

  • Bulky bulky furniture, not new in appearance (aged or restored); Leather sofas and armchairs are acceptable;
  • Massive forged chandelier;
  • An abundance of textiles made of matting, linen yarn, cotton, chintz – curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads are sustained in one palette;
  • Wall shelves with arranged baskets, pots, vases, statuettes, photographs;
  • Many hand-made maidens – self-made shops, stools, hand-made rugs and napkins, wool articles, carved wooden sculptures, original crafts made of clay, from snags, etc.

Rustic style

Rustic style is a kind of country, only more rough, uncouth, brutal. In the rustic design of a house from a log, things are preserved in a pristine state, and a minimum of processing is used. Of course, here there are natural materials – textured wood and wild stone in their natural beauty.

The furniture and doors are massive, made of solid boards and have an uncouth appearance, as if they had been hammered together hastily from what came to hand. The legs of the chairs and tables are made of knotty snags. Handles, hinges, decorative lining, other metal fittings – rough hand forged antique.

In the decoration of many crafts from twigs and old logs with the bark: hangers, lampshades, frames for mirrors, handrail. Good fit in style wrought iron fixtures and railings, animal skins on the floor stands from the stumps, big Wicker baskets, stone countertops, powerful beams, treated with an axe.

Stove or fireplace made of brick or lined with rough stone.

In general, the Rustic is a purely masculine style environment housing warriors and hunters, where all sorts of cute women’s baubles will be irrelevant.


The Chalet is an alpine variety of country music, cozy rustic cabin in the mountains. This does not mean that style Chalet is suitable only for mountain province — now it’s popular everywhere in the world, including in urban areas.

Here, too, the Interior is dominated by the raw wood and stone, rough cloth and leather. No glossy, polished, polished surfaces. Simple large antique furniture, wooden or ceramic decor, murals and tapestries on the walls, compositions from dry mountainous and wild flowers, live flowers in wooden tubs. All over the place mats or cushions of artificial skin products, knitted rugs with simple ornamentation.

Floors Dim unpainted solid boards. In the kitchen and bathroom floors covered with stone or tile imitating stone; sometimes mount “warm floors”. The impressive fireplace decorated with wild stone or wood. Also you can stone veneer walls, such as around doors. On the ceiling beams are required — real or decorative.

Common palette-warm Chalet wood, Brown, terracotta, ochre tones with contrasts of white and grey-blue.

Thus, the modern interior wooden house made of logs can be very diverse. In addition, the creativity of designers is not limited to listed styles — interior design of wooden houses from logs can include elements of classicism, modernism, fusion and other styles, unusual contrasts, original modern solutions.

They have one thing in common — refusal of plastic and other “chemistry”, a preference for natural materials, the overall trend in eco-style. Whatever the Interior, a man in a wooden house always feels comfortable and confident: these houses are friendly to man, they have a long history, our ancestors lived. The good thing is that this tradition is being revived.

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