Neutral Color Palette Interior Design for Elegant and Exotic Appearance

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Color scheme takes important part in design, especially in the interior for home. You can see what kind of color that applies on room based on overall scheme of that room. For example, neutral color palette interior design consists of two or more colors to give neutral accent. For more information about neutral scheme in interior design, you can read the following section.

Exploring the Neutral Color Palette Interior Design

Neutral Color Palette Interior Design

What is neutral color? This question is the basic thing to know before decorating the room into what you may call as neutral style. In general, black and white are the top colors at neutral list, but you may add grey brown, beige, and khaki. Neutral represent soft and smooth which avoid eyesight too much. Combining black and white in the same room might not be neutral due to opposite nature of such colors, which attract much attention. People think neutral is easy to apply, but it still takes certain part to transform into completely neutral accent.

Neutral color palette interior design starts from single color scheme, for example grey. You can pick white and grey as the colors at the end of palette. Grey is suitable replacement for black to avoid opposite mixture for white. As you can see, position of grey is in the center between white and black, so this choice is much convenient. Neutral color for interior will adjust the room style and function. Living room is different to bedroom and kitchen is different to dining room. However, the main purpose is to create neutral which all of room should get a slightly similar result. Distinction between one room and others can be seen from furniture, wall painting, and flooring.

Benefit of neutral color palette interior design is flexibility to apply in any room. Let’s start from living room. For this room, you can apply grey and white to create delicate atmosphere. Wall painting is white and the floor is in grey stone. Moreover, the coffee table is in grey and sofa is in white alongside small cabinet or nightstand at the corner with bright brown. Add grey with fewer patterns for curtain to make the room more neutral, but not very plain and dull. Keep in mind that neutral style in living room gives peaceful atmosphere, especially when you treat important guest or client.

Neutral color palette interior design is different form natural color. Green and blue are not part of neutral shades, so both styles are different. However, you may add bright green as conjunction between one color and others in order to smooth the transition when applying neutral palette. For example, bedroom uses bright grey for the main furniture, white for wall, and grey for floor. It takes green as additional color to give peaceful aspect when the room has much brown and grey. For bedroom, you need to feel comfortable and blue might be alternative when green is not available.

Some styles are not suitable with neutral palette. If you insist to use such matter, it is better to consult with professional. Applying neutral color palette interior design is simple after knowing how to combine one to others.

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