Purple Accent Chairs Living Room for Dramatic Beauty


The purple accent chairs living room give the best combination of dramatic and enhanced beauty instantly. Accent chair itself is a beauty on its own as it is usually covered with expensive fabric with varying design. Often known as statement chair, it is not used as main furniture but complementary furniture. Despite of its function, it actually gives huge effect to the overall room. A boring and old looking living room can instantly be more exciting and attractive in its design. And, when purple is chosen for the color, the effect becomes even more dramatic. As other furniture, it has various details that should be taken into account in order for you to get the best possible chair for your living room.

Purple Accent Chairs Living Room

  • Placement

Let’s start with the placement of your beautiful purple accent chairs living room. The best placement inside your living space is on the opposite or by the side of main sofa. The number of accent chairs itself is varying from only one to two or three chairs. Or, if you have big window in your living room, you can simply place it by the window. If your living room is small, one accent chair is enough. But if it is larger, consider two or more chairs.

  • Style

Style is the most important detail of every accent chair. What you need to do is to find an accent chair with distinct style that is different from the rest of the chairs and other furniture in the living room. The ideal style would be a chaise or rocking chair. But pay attention to the size because it cannot be too big otherwise it will take most of the space. If you want to have more artistic accent chair, consider a sculptural chair. It will definitely add enhanced style. But if you are always more into modern style, the chair with simple straight lines, shiny accents and sharp corners make ideal choices. There is also the beautiful traditional accent chair with rounded corners, curved lines and also wood trim. Meanwhile, formal look chair can be an potion with winged sides, arm rests and high back. Perhaps, if you haven’t found the right chair, consider a recliner that can be a trendy and comfortable accent chair.

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  • Upholstery

Now that you have chosen the style, choose the right upholstery to enhance the style. In this case, the fabric should be able to highlight the colors of the existing furniture and room scheme. Bolder fabrics are more popular options. And leather also sounds like a very great choice to choose.

Basically, purple may not be the most popular color for accent chair. But, this color actually is the most dramatic, striking and vibrant color. Your accent chair’s style will be fully enhanced with purple. Matching the purple chair with existing furniture and interior design is not a tough job anyway. It beautifully matches gray, black, white and even red. Create a dramatic color contrast is definitely a better than letting the purple dominating the interior and furniture design because it will be boring. The last thing to consider is the price. It is true that the price of purple accent chairs living room is more expensive so you should stay above the initial budgeting.

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