How to Repair Scratches on Wooden Furniture

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The wooden furniture are popular modern household environments, can enliven a stay or give that extra touch of class to a more old-fashioned and dated furniture. If children, pets or just spending time is very easy they can be damaged by even minor but which are annoying or unwanted. That’s why many are turning to Joiners, and maybe are forced to shell out hundreds of dollars for simple scratches. In fact, in this guide, which as you will see, will be divided into several steps, we will explain in a very basic, yet very accurately, how to repair scratches on wooden furniture, without having to spend big bucks.

You need some tools: Sandpaper, markers repairs graphs, wax sticks, gomma of gloves (protection).

diy fix scratches in wood furniture mizzeliz working for you before after intended for repair scratches on wooden furniture How to Repair Scratches on Wooden Furniture

If instead, scratch that we must repair, should be very deep, we will have to use alternative methods. Simply, after cleaning carefully the point you intend to repair, once armed with sandpaper and passed several times quickly in the injured area. Try to limit your attentions and steps closely to the damaged area, in order not to jeopardize the rest of the cabinet, once you have settled the area for those few millimeters long enough to remove the sign until a few seconds before you disturb the harmony of the object.

The sandpaper is also good for deeper graphs, the important thing is not to overdo it with the steps or you risk damaging it even more that you wanted instead to repair. At the end of the treatment you will need to clean and Polish it again, scratch so will be gone altogether. In the market, for those who don’t have that much familiarity with the sandpaper, you will find a wide range of special objects found in any repair pen scratches, good to yourself, can cover the damage with a quick pass. If you opt for this method, it is highly advisable to pay close attention to the color you have chosen earlier. So let us choose it in such a way that resembles the furniture to repair, so as not to point out the difference in pigmentation.

Wax polished furniture are perhaps the most difficult to clean up from damage, for these are the wax stick products really quality combining the new layer just retrieved from the tube to that of your furniture, especially used on pieces. The following products, it is of course possible to use them in any type of wood surface.

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