Tips to Maximize Galley Kitchen Space

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For some reason, maximizing galley kitchen space can be so fun. Besides, not many people are willing to maximize it because they think it is not worth. But actually, having small galley kitchen can benefit you in many ways. And if enjoy to have it, then it will not be a problem at all.

And there is some problem about that as the reason that people don’t want to have this style. The first problem is that the room will appear smaller. For some people, it is not really interesting. And the last problem is that it is unsightly to the eyes. And this can be confusing, sometimes.

But those aren’t big issues and there are some tips that you can follow to maximize the kitchen. You can easily handle it by following the tips below.

3 Advice to maximize galley kitchen space

There are four tips that you should follow. You can apply it directly and also develop the concept that suits your situation. Here are the tips for galley kitchen ideas makeovers.


This idea can make your galley kitchen looks larger because remodel that set up to be nice, clean and having right model. The atmosphere in the room will also make your small galley kitchen looks spacious.

To deal with this tips, you need to hide unnecessary items or if possible you need to throw away useless items. Not only to keep it clean but also to decorate your kitchen in a contemporary style. This simple style can be your galley kitchen design model that will make it looks luxury.

galley kitchen designs mybktouch intended for galley kitchen space tips to maximize galley kitchen space galley kitchen remodeling pictures ideas tips from mybktouch with galley kitchen space tips to maximize gallery kitchen spaceAs an additional recommendation, you are not allowed to accessorize the walls with many decorations. Keep the kitchen appeared to be simple and elegant.

Cabinet ideas

You need to think the cabinet ideas also shelving that will help you in the kitchen. They are can be used to store appliances and cutlery. On the other words, it also mentioned that you need to keep clean the counter. Make it free from a cluttered look.

For those who are planning to have a neat look, you can add some small kitchen tools and put it in a proper place, such as a jar.

inspirations galley kitchen remodel galley kitchen ideas kitchen regarding galley kitchen space tips to maximize gallery kitchen space mybktouchFor the new good looking of your galley kitchen, you can also paint your existing cabinets. Paint it with the color that gives great appearances. You may also replace the front door of the cabinet with the glass-fronted door that will make the appearances more luxurious.

Playing color

You can also play with the color as one of your galley kitchen design. The color that suggested to you is icy blue or sage green. Warmer colors should be avoided because it can create negative appearances.

best gallery kitchens images on mybktouch in gallery kitchen space tips to maximize gallery kitchen spaceFor best result, dot forget to cover the walls and the ceilings in a light color. The lighter color can make your small kitchen looks spacious and higher efficiency.

Don’t forget about the lighting. You may also add a mirror that will help the kitchen appearances. With those designs, you can maximize galley kitchen space that will become your excellent kitchen.

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