Artistic Backyard Pathways Designs with Rocks and Stones

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A beautiful backyard will become an important part of each house. It is an open green area where you can design a garden and grow trees, flowers, vegetables and other greeneries that make your house to be more shady and engaging. Backyard pathways designs with stones will give artistic touch for your backyard garden.  The pathways obviously fill an aesthetic function that add the value of the garden as well as become the focal point.  However, the pathways also serve another function, which are the steps for walking in the garden without damaging the grass area by stepping on it.

Backyard pathways designs make the backyard or garden look natural, beautiful and unique as well. These backyard pathways can be constructed in various designs. The materials needed are also varied, based on the style and design you decide. The pathways with rocks and stones provide the uniqueness and artistic touches that make you and other family members feel at peace. Some references about pathways designs below might inspire you to remodel your backyard into a splendid green area.

Inspiring Backyard Pathways Designs and Details

  1. Curved River Rock Pathways for Grass Area and Pond

This kind of simple and easy pathway spread natural beauty to the entire backyard garden. Since it is pretty simple, it is possible to do it yourself. An affordable backyard garden concept is covered by this path. The concept of curved river rock pathway can be applied for the pond as water walkway or at the center of the grass areas.  For water walkways, of course, it is constructed in the water area, so you can walk across the pond easily to feed the fishes, set up some water plants or just have a great angle to take a photo.

  1. Pebble Stone Rock Pathways

Pebble stone rock backyard pathways designs are also creative ideas for your backyard garden landscape. Pebbles are also chosen for a desert garden concept. In landscaping garden with pebble stone rock pathway, you may apply full pebble stones to fill the path layout or combine them with concrete for steps. If you want more the artistic look, you may apply colorful pebbles or design an intricate pattern before installing the pebbles.

  1. Flagstone Pathways

Flagstone is also the common material for landscaping your backyard. This concept is also one of the easiest backyard pathways designs to install. Plan the best pattern that is compatible to our backyard garden. The jigsaw-puzzle style is one of awesome reference. Before setting the flagstones into place make sure you already spread sand properly. After spreading sand and setting the flagstones based on the layout you have decided, build borders at two sides of the pathway. The material for borders can be bricks, concrete or river stone.  This pathway design is also the easiest one that you can do by yourself in just several hours.

  1. Beautiful Organized Mosaic River Rock Pathways

If you’d like to have such an enchanting, artistic and intricate landscape to become an attractive focal point, a mosaic river rock pathway design is an awesome choice. To landscape the backyard garden with this type of pathway, you should prepare enough time to design, layout the shape, install the rocks and do finishing step. In this pathway, you’d better create the different shape for each step.

The most important point in landscaping your area with backyard pathways designs ideas is the conformity between design, budget and the area of the backyard. More intricate and artistic the design, of course, more expensive it costs.

Artistic Backyard Pathways Designs with Rocks and Stones 2 Artistic Backyard Pathways Designs with Rocks and Stones 3 Artistic Backyard Pathways Designs with Rocks and Stones 4 Artistic Backyard Pathways Designs with Rocks and Stones 5 Artistic Backyard Pathways Designs with Rocks and Stones 6 Artistic Backyard Pathways Designs with Rocks and Stones

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