Remodeling Bath Shower Fixtures

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A bath shower fixtures remodel can increase your home’s market value. If you like your bathroom’s present layout and just want to update it, choose a vanity, bathtub, shower and other fixtures that are the size of the ones you have now. If you want to upgrade by, for example, installing a spa tub or a two-sink vanity, create various plans to share with design consultants a home-improvement store. Get advice from the pros before you make your final decisions.

Measure your bathroom with a yardstick or tape measure, and draw a scale-size rectangle on a piece of paper. Indicate where the door and any windows are. Measure all the present fixtures in your bathroom, and write down the dimensions for reference. Make the vanity the focal point of your room, and try to position all other elements of the bathroom with that in mind.

Look at various choices for bath shower fixtures. Go to a home-improvement store to look at vanities, bathtubs, toilets and other fixtures. Look through home design books to get additional ideas. Base your selections not only on style, but also on budget and space restrictions.

Remove the old tub and shower after turning off your water valves. Disconnect drain lines and remove the old bath shower fixtures, trying to keep walls and flooring as intact as possible. If you are moving your plumbing or doing other major work, you may have to gut the bathroom, taking it down to the studs. Put in new electrical lines and plumbing if you have taken the bathroom down to the studs and moved the lines. Install drywall and insulation. This is the time to put in any recessed lighting.

Build or install the tile shower unit. Create a stand-alone tile shower with glass doors. Install a new tub unit with built-in jets, if your budget allows. Put in the vanity and toilet. Complete the job of remodeling bath shower fixtures by installing your new floor, tiling and painting and adding light fixtures, towel bars and other finishing touches.

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