The Best Color Schemes for Kids Learning Room

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Kids tend to be interested to spend their time for playing than learning. If it is too difficult to persuade them studying or learning, maybe there is something wrong with kids learning room you provided. Maybe, the room is boring so they don’t feel at home and cozy to study there. Besides the room arrangement and the furniture you provide in the learning room, you also need to consider about the attractive bright color schemes to improve the room. Some bright colors will inspire the kids to learn as well as give more spirit. Furthermore, the main purpose of bright color scheme for learning room is to build a pleasant feeling to study comfortably.

Alternative Ideas for Kids Learning Room Colors

In applying bright color schemes for kids learning room, you have to be careful and selective since the wrong color application will make an overlapping impression which is very uncomfortable. Here are some best bright color applications for improving the learning room comfort.

  1. Blue

Kids Learning Room blue

In psychology and health, blue color is soothing, calming and relaxing. This color also lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. The children who experience insomnia and high temper will be helped by blue color. Apply blue paint on one wall side and combine it with white paint on the other side to keep the balance atmosphere. Some blue ornaments can be added as well such as blue area rug, curtains and some furniture. If you are going to apply another bright color to combine it, choose green that will not make a contrast effect. The green bedding set and wall shelves will be great to pair the blue nuance.

  1. Green

Kids Learning Room green

Green color is also considered as a cold color that soothes the atmosphere. It also increases kids’ concentration and reading skill.  Painting the wall with the gradation of green paint will be an amazing idea. Complete the charm of the room with some green furniture and some other are white or blue. Green color application for kids learning room is compatible for both girl and boy. The other bright colors for combination can be yellow or blue.

  1. Pink

Kids Learning Room pink

Pink is an awesome color scheme for girl’s learning room. This color is believed to increase empathy and femininity. It also creates a soothing nuance to the room. The little girls will be excited to have a pink learning room. Pale pink is nice for wall paint, curtain, rug and some furniture. To combine the pink color, it is more adorable to choose purple or yellow for some other ornaments such as bedding set and wall decorations.

  1. Purple

Kids Learning Room purple

Like pink, purple is also suitable for little girl’s room. It is often associated with wisdom and spirituality since it is a combination between stability and energy that come from blue and red color. The application of purple color for kids learning room is believed to influence the kids’ soft skills. It makes kids to be more confident and full of spirit. Another benefit is to give a luxurious impression to the room.

This guidance can be an inspiration if you are going to give comfortable personal room for kids. But don’t forget, in remodeling kids learning room with color scheme, you need to ask to your kids what colors they hope to apply. However, kids usually have their own tastes.

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