Black Bedroom Walls Decoration for a Beauty Appearance

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Have you imagined to apply the black bedroom walls? Not many people thought about this as their room decoration. It can be very impressive if you know how to manage the color. It also depends on your room design. Don’t you think that designing the black wall of your bedroom can give you a luxury look? It is not a boring one.

Remember that when you are thinking about painting black your wall, you will also need to consider the color of the furniture inside your bedroom. The furniture that has contrast color will make it weird and not comfortable in your eyes. It could create the uncomfortable situation too.

So, what are the best color that you can combine and how to decorate it? If you need some ideas or inspiration to make it, then read the information below.

Colors that suit black bedroom walls

There are some colors can match the best for your blackish bedroom. These are the colors that you can review before you choose it. Not only the colors explanation, but there will be information for you about how to create the combination.

1: Dark purple

Are you thinking of having luxury bedroom style in black color? If yes, then combine the black color with the dark purple. You can choose the purple range that suits you. Please remember that since the wall room design is different, then you will need to think about how to combine it.

Dark Purple Black Bedroom Walls DecorationIf your room is not just usual square, then use the small part of the wall and paint it purple. But if your room is just square as usual, make some small part of the purple color.

Not only for the black bedroom walls, but you will also need to add some purplish and blackish furniture inside your bedroom. As an example, make sure that the carpet is purple that is a similar rage with the purple color of the wall. If you can’t find it, then just make sure that it suits the overall wall design.

For the bed, you can choose the black. Any other furniture can be black too. To make it more interesting, then use the white color as the addition.  As an example the lap covers, small cupboard or the small table inside your room.

2: White

white bedroom walls decoration for a beauty appearanceWhite always becomes the color that suits black bedroom wall. You can do many things with thee two colors. You can paint white the black wall. If not, you can paint black the three sides of the room. The one behind your bed could be painted. Then you can create same doodle or painting in black. It will give some nice looking, and you can renew the drawing too. Polka dot style is also possible for you. For more stylish design, you can design it with some pattern.

Do not forget to suit the color of your furniture. You can use grey color for some of your furniture to make it fresh. A cream color or the furniture with a pattern is also good for the black bedroom walls.

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