How to Change a Bathroom Sink Faucet In Simple Ways

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Have you ever thought of how to change a bathroom sink faucet? If you have never done it, on this good occasion, we want to discuss it. Well, all of us know that a bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. This place has an essential function about a bath, wash hand, brush teeth, and some other activities. So, to pay attention to the condition of everything in it, including the faucets is important for you.

Talking about a faucet, you must know that there will come a period when it is broken because of using. To repair or change it is not difficult. However, for you who do not know the way to do it, it can be so difficult to do. Thus, you need to get some easy and straightforward ways to do it.

How to Change a Bathroom Sink Faucet

Simple ways to change a bathroom sink faucet are:

  1. First, what you should do is preparing stopcock, pipe insulation, and new faucet. The three of them should be provided because there will be no success in change the sink faucet without them.
  2. Then, you should turn off the water supply because it is not possible to change the faucet while there is water inside. After turning off the water supply, make sure that there is no water pressure left inside the faucet.
  3. After that, remove the old faucet using stopcock.
  4. After the faucet is removed, clean the area of the pipe where the faucet will be put to simplify the changing process.
  5. Then, prepare the new faucet. Make sure that the size of the new one fits the pipe in which the old faucet used to be put there. If it does not fit, it will give you troubles in applying it.
  6. The next step is sticking the pipe insulation on the base of the faucet. It is suggested to do to prevent the seepage of water that may happen through the fissures of the thread of a screw.
  7. When the stacking process of the pipe insulation finishes, the next step to do is putting or placing the new faucet to the pipe. Turn it clockwise and then tighten using a pipe wrench.
  8. The last is turning on back the water supply. If the water seems to stream well, it means that the changing process is successful.

The ways on how to change a bathroom sink faucet is not so difficult to do. So, just learn the ways to do it so that you can do it yourselves. Well, that is all about some ways to change a sink faucet which is hopefully useful for you.

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