Choosing Ceiling Fans for Kid Rooms

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During the warmer months of the year, we all need fans to cool down the burning heat in every room including kid’s room. The fan doesn’t drastically decrease the temperature, but it does make the people feel cooler by creating a wind chill around the room. Fan comes in two different forms: paddle fans and ceiling fans. Choosing ceiling fans for kid rooms over the paddle fans is an excellent idea. There are a lot of benefits of why we should choose it over the other one especially for the kids.

The Advantages of Ceiling Fans for Kid Rooms

  1. Safety for the kids

Kids are so energetic and hard on anything. If you use paddle fan, there is a chance for the kids to run around and nudge it. This might make the fan broken immediately and lead to a fan fatality then hurt the kids. Meanwhile, ceiling fan is much safer. It is put high above on the ceiling, so it’s out of kids’ hand.  The possibility of the unexpected catastrophe caused by ceiling fan is lower than the paddle fan itself.

  1. Saving Spaces

Paddle fans will take a quite large space in a room. If we put it at kids’ room, this surely will limit the kids’ playground. Not to mention, the dangerous cable cord running on the floor. So, the idea of choosing ceiling fans for kid rooms will always serve you right.

  1. Lower Energy Cost

Using ceiling fans can save your monthly electric bill by up to 30 percent. This is one eco-friendly options you can take. Besides consuming less electricity, it can also reduce the carbon footprint compared to air-conditioning. The maintenance of ceiling fan won’t significantly drain your energy either. All you need to do is dust off the top of the blades once in a while.

  1. Stylist Room Accessory

Besides its main purpose to stabilize room’s temperature, ceiling fan can also be functioned as an eye-catching room accessory. You can choose some playful colors or pictured ceiling fans for kid rooms. But for the other rooms in general, you can also pick a ceiling fan with the variety of size, color, and blade shape that fits the theme of the room. If you are interested in having a two-in-one ceiling fan, you can select and install it with a built-in light. This additional feature will help your room’s layered lighting design be more elegant than ever.

  1. Versatile Functions

We might not be well-informed that ceiling fan has a function to flow warm air during the cooler season in the year. This fan pushes warm air down from the ceiling without producing a light wind, so it can work all year round.

Choosing the right ceiling fans for kid rooms is a piece of cake because this item does not have any special features to be put into consideration before you buy. After all, the most important things to consider are the main function and the guaranteed safety for the kids.

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