Choosing the Perfect Modern House Interior Color

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A modern house should match with modern looks that include modern house interior color. It’s somehow acceptable that a little touch of color can give an entire impression of an object. That’s why modern houses have their own colors to distinguish them from the conventional ones. Talking about colors, you actually needn’t play safe with white or pastel all the time. There are other colors that can surprisingly fit best your modern house.

Perfect Modern House Interior Color Options

  1. Black

Modern House Interior Black Color

Don’t get scared at first or think that black is a bad idea. Instead, applying black color to your modern house can create a masculine and mysterious look. To make it perfect, choose black chiffon that is not too dark and resembles gray. For the interior furniture, take everything with gold color starting from the lamps, vases, table cloth, and any other ornaments. Add leather chairs or sofas to make it more elegant.

  1. Plum

Modern House Interior Plum Color

Plum is another color to create a luxurious look for your modern house. This color can surprisingly match with furniture in all colors and shapes. Having this color, everyone coming to your house can easily feel intimate with you as well as with your house situation. Therefore, your house can be used for making friends instead of just a place for living. To make it perfect, choose gold, orange, or cream color for the furniture and surroundings.

  1. Blue

Modern House Interior Blue Color

Blue is never too much. Whatever the shades and types, blue is a perfect modern house interior color. This color can give a classic look to your modern house. Look at some historical buildings around the world. If you pay more attention, you will realize that they have the blue touch, whether it is much or little. Thus, choosing blue as the interior color of your house can make it timeless. You needn’t waste money just for changing the color paint in the future. Blue basically can fit any colors, but for the best look, consider white, black or gold as the furniture accents.

  1. Yellow

Modern House Interior Yellow Color

Since sunny look is trending again, there is no actual harm in having yellow as the interior color of your modern house. For the best result, use yellow color in different tones for each wall. You can have pale butter to dark mustard yellow all in one room. However, as the major theme is sunny look, you can’t play with colors. The perfect combination for the yellow wall is white, cream, and soft grey.

  1. Green

Modern House Interior Green Color

There are three options when applying green as the interior color: courtyard green, apple green and olive green. To avoid getting overwhelmed of which one you should choose, customize it with your personality. Courtyard green is perfect for those who love greenies. It fits perfectly with bluegrass green floor. Meanwhile, apple green and olive green are for the sophisticated look. They are perfect with classical ornaments.

Now that you have some modern house interior color options, which one would you like to pick?

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