Convert 2 Car Garage into Living Space, What Do You Need to Know?

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In the event that you need to have a bigger living room, why not trying to convert 2 car garage into living space? Why the garage, anyway? Well, the garage is considered ‘less important’ than the other rooms in the house. Homeowners can always sacrifice their garage when they have bigger needs in expanding their house. Of course, there are some advantages when you want to transform your own garage into a functional and stylish living room.

Since a garage already has its own structure, wall, and roof, the cost to convert 2 car garage into living space will be half of the actual price of adding an extra room into the house. Expect to spend around $20,000 to $50,000 for the whole work, instead of spending a good $40,000 to $90,000 for the new construction. Of course, the money you spend depends on the dimension and size of the room and how you want to achieve the final outcome. If you are thinking about adding a bathroom, add around $15,000 to $25,000 for the total cost.

convert 2 car garage into living space

Convert 2 Car Garage into Living Space, the Basic and the Things to Consider

There are some basic facts and understandings that you need to know (and also understand) before you can start the project. First of all, the job won’t be quick, unless you expect a crappy work. It is definitely going to be expensive and it requires a very careful step and stage to achieve a satisfying outcome. When you want to convert 2 car garage into living space, expect to spend around 4 weeks to 8 weeks for the whole project. Manage a way to plan your time. Your regular activities will definitely be disrupted and you need to have an extra work to monitor the work.

  1. Plan the Basic Importance

It is also important not to rush things but it doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for the time calculation. And never entrust the work to any subpar contractor. Always choose the reliable and trusted one, especially the one with insurance and warranty. A professional contractor won’t mind the legal written contract because they believe in their capability and ability. They will provide written estimation, including the cost and the working time. If a contractor can’t give you time estimation, walk away.

  1. Do the Important Works and Preparation

When you want to convert 2 car garage into living space, there are some basic preparation that is crucial to make. You need to insulate the floors, walls, and the ceiling. It is also crucial to raise the floor for a better insulation as well as installing the moisture barrier. Don’t forget to include cooling and heating system, as well as installing additional outlet and manage the electricity – if necessary. Think about adding doors (if needed) and windows, definitely.

  1. Manage Extra Plan

Will you need to move away while the work is done? Will you need an extra pair of eyes to watch and monitor the progress while you are not around? These are simple but crucial things that are often overlooked by homeowners. Think about these factors carefully before starting the work.

Starting a remodeling or a conversion project isn’t easy. If you rush things, mistakes will most likely happen. You don’t want to make the similar mistake when you want to convert 2 car garage into living space, do you?

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