Creative Bedside Tables for Your Minimalist Bedroom Decor

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When you are thinking about how to comfort your bedroom, some creative ideas are needed. Creative bedside tables are great alternatives for your purpose. It is true that all stuff should be well arranged and kept in the drawers. But sometimes, you hold something when you are going to sleep and you find it a little tiring to get up from your bed to reach drawers, shelves or table. Therefore, the existence of bedside tables becomes important. Since there are a variety of bedside tables for any type of bedrooms, you might find them appear as usual or common things. That is why this post gives a little different perspective to utilize particular object as bedside table. Some of ideas in this article might be unthinkable before.

Some Objects You Can Turn Into Creative Bedside Tables

Creative bedside tables are not expensive to own. Trust it that you can turn some old or used furniture or other stuff into breathtaking bedside table. A wooden stool or chair becomes dull, boring, and not interesting if it hasn’t been used for a long time. Instead of getting rid of it, giving a little renewal is much better. You can paint it with any color you like and put it beside your bed. Then, feel free to place an accent desk chair and some books on it. If it is large enough, you can display a framed photo or decorative plant as well.  Isn’t it brilliant?

There are plenty of brilliant ideas about creative bedside tables to replace common ideas about bedside tables. Have you ever thought about an old trunk beside your bed? This object is obviously unique and maybe unusual to be a part of the bedroom. But, letting it to be useless in the storage room or another area of your home is really bad idea. So, what you need to do is bring it into your bedroom and allow it to be a creative bedside table with vintage look. You can store some stuff such as shoes collections, books, etc. inside while the top is for displaying some decorations or ornaments. It is really breathtaking.

Creative bedside tables are always surprising. When you just knew one of ideas, maybe you think it is absurd and impossible to apply. But when you try it, there is no doubt to admit that it is really awesome. Combining two objects to get more space for displaying stuff as well as a unique appearance might be weird. Actually, it is a great way to try. Old stool and used suitcase can be the right objects for your experiment. If you think that a used stool is too small to become a bedside table, what about trying to place an old suitcase on the stool? But make sure that the size of the suitcase is not too big. Place these two things beside your bed and allow them to be places to stand for a night lamp, framed photo, vase, and other decorative things.

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Don’t hesitate to try other experiments in order to give unique and creative touch to your bedroom. So you can start finding some used objects which can still stand well. As long as they are not moldy or mildew, you can creatively turn them amazingly into creative bedside tables.

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