The Cutest Decorative Floor Lamps for Kids Room

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Providing the cute decorative floor lamps for kids room will give some benefits. One of them is to give a better lighting to the room, especially the certain spot where they are put. Another benefit is that the floor lamps can be the focal point that adds the playful look. Of course, kids love something unique and cute. Here, you need to be creative and selective in deciding the design of the floor lamps you are going to purchase.

Best References of Floor Lamps for Kids Room

The boy’s room look should be attractive to avoid the boredom. Cool floor lamps for kids room can be the interesting component that make the kids feel pleasant to be in their room. A cool rocket shaped floor lamp is an amazing ornament for kids’ room focal point. Choose the right size that fit the available space or corner. This kind of floor lamp is the best choice for an active and imaginative little boy.

For toddler, kinds of animal themed floor lamps for kids room will be very cute for unisex room. Lion, cat, giraffe, and ladybug shaped floor lamps are now offered in affordable price. The average price level is under $100. For toddler bedroom or playroom, be selective is a must. Don’t ignore the security aspect though the floor lamp is very charming and attractive. Make sure the size and height is suitable for toddler, as well as how steady it is.  The steadiness is important thing of appliances if they are considered to be in kids’ rooms. It will be dangerous if it gets fall easily.

Spaces saving corner floor lamps for kids room are also available in a variety of designs and sizes. For a limited space kid’s room, you have to be more creative in filling all spots, though it is narrow. For example, in the small space beside or near the bedroom where it is impossible to place certain furniture and appliances, you can place a unique skinny decorative floor lamps. A unique pencil shaped floor lamps can be the best options. For this type of floor lamp, it seems to be a little bit risky if you place it in the toddler or an active kid room since it is designed with a pointed base. So, it can’t stand and need to be leaned to the wall. It absolutely gets fall down easily with a little push.

Tree shaped floor lamp with hook is another creative appliance to decorate and complete the kids room.  The design of this floor lamp is not too childish so you can still place it in your kids’ room even if they have been teenagers. The attached hooks are also useful to keep certain things organized. If it is provided for girls’ rooms, they can hang some necklaces, belts and other accessories without making the room looks messy. If it is for boys, room, it also functions more than just a lamp. They can display their hat collections on the lamp hooks.

Considering some plus points of floor lamps for kids room, don’t hesitate to purchase them as special presents for your beloved little angels. If they are happy with it, for sure they will feel more at home in their private room.

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