Dark Gray Couch Living Room Ideas

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When it comes to decorating your living room, the dark gray couch gives you a great choice. There are more than a couple of reasons of why this couch makes perfect main furniture in the living room. Let’s check out the most fabulous dark gray couch living room ideas for you to apply to get the most fashionable living room interior design.

  • Incorporate with Any Color Scheme

Gray is a neutral color. So, it can easily anchor any color schemes. But it is not just a neutral color. Instead, it is a neutral color that makes other colors pop while itself stays clean and fresh. Therefore, you have flexibility to pair it with any dark and bright colors as you wish. For instance, you paint the living room wall with light gray and add the dark gray sectional sofa into the room. But you want to have some accessories with vibrant and light colors. Well, you can easily do it by adding bright pillow accents. It doesn’t matter what colors you choose for the pillow, gray will always slip into the new palette.

Some cool colors you should consider in the first place include popping purples, acid greens and pale blues. But it is also a great idea if you want to pair it with earthy colors like beige, taupe, sand or even black. Create the contemporary palette as you wish. What about some hotter hues? Well, you can definitely pair gray with any of those hues. For instance, the orange lamp table, pink pillow cushions, red painted coffee table or even yellow area rug.

  • Modern Living Space with Gray Couch

To create living space with modern interior design with gray couch as the main furniture, you do not have to overdo the whole setting. Even the small things can bring huge effect indeed. The artworks and couch upholstery comes in gray while the pillows incorporate gray and red. The artworks like photo frames and pillows are minor but they actually give more accents to the overall setting. In the meantime, the gray sectional sofa provides medium accent while the green-gray fireplace brings the large accent. The rug even comes in gray in order to make the room looking more intentional and coordinated. The coffee table and table lamp are also painted in gray which to create stronger gray effect which is fully intentional.

  • Combine Gray and Beige

Here is another idea to copy. Combine gray or charcoal to be exact and beige in the same room. This can be one of the best living room schemes you can ever have for your house. What you can do is to have the living room wall painted in beige. Then, use the gray couch and coffee table. As for the area rug, choose dark beige. To lighten up the scheme, place white standing lamp and add vibrant colored accessories so the room doesn’t look too old. Add colorful pillows cushion as well.

With so many choices of dark gray couch living room ideas, it will be not difficult for you to have the best looking living room design.

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