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When it comes to high quality furniture in the US, Diamond Sofa definitely is one of them. Started manufacturing in 1992, this furniture company has been known for producing wide variety of furniture with varying designs and materials. Among the most popular products are diamond furniture living room sets. These are beautiful sets that give statement to your living space while making sure that you have enough seating area for relaxing and laying around. Perhaps, you are curious of the most popular designs for living room sets you can consider buying. Well, check out the reviews below.

Sleeper Sectional Sofa

Do you want something more casual for your living room? The sleeper sectional sofa definitely makes a great choice. It is a product that has modern aesthetic and streamlined. It is not a hard job for this sofa set to deliver versatility and comfort thanks to its tufted seat and track arms. It offers cozy sleeping area thanks to its convertible chaise sectional. Meanwhile, it also does not fail to deliver another level of sophistication into your interior design. This particular sofa set comes along with chrome legs, durable wood frame, polyester fabric upholstery, cushion and tufted seat, barrel accent pillows, back cushion and attached seat. Shortly said, the functionality and aesthetic of this sofa is nothing to be doubted.

Complete Living Room Sofa Set

If you have big living room, big furniture set has to be the first one to consider. This time, the diamond furniture living room sets offers a complete sofa set. It refers to a collection of multiple seats for extra seating area. It comes with artful design that incorporates comfort and style. It has the sophisticated contemporary design featuring polyester fabric and gorgeous color combination. Other gorgeous details of this sofa set are light almond flared sofa leg, hardwood frame, two accent pillows and also three over three design. In total, this sofa set offers seating are for up to 7 adults at once which makes it fully functional.

Two Piece Sofa and Loveseat

A combination of sofa and loveseat always sounds perfect. It is not only gorgeous but also fully functional. It may not offer as many seating area as the complete living room set but it is still very accommodative for up to 5 people at once.

For perfectly gorgeous living room, never forget to choose the right color of the diamond furniture living room sets. Color contrast is something you should try to get for more attractive result. Do not be afraid of choosing colorful and vibrant colors if you wish for eclectic living room design. Your living space deserves an incorporation of different colors anyway.

As for the price, the high quality living room sets such as the ones offered by Diamond do have higher price than the standard living room sets. Take this as an investment for many years to come so you do not have to buy another living room set within at least 5 years. When you think of it, it certainly is the best choice you can make.

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