Knowing the Difference between Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

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Difference between Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

What is the difference between hardwood and laminate flooring? If you’re wondering about that, make sure to read this article from the beginning and it will give you deeper comprehension on this matter. Why is the difference there? Will it really make the two kinds contrast each other?

Before that, we ought to address that making your perfect, ideal home could be a demanding task, especially if you’re starting from the scratch. Floor is an essential step because it also determines the whole imagery of the home. Small floors can make your house looks narrower while wide floors do the reverse. Wooden flooring does miracle in this case; it looks peaceful just like being in the nature and it offers limitless illusion of the floor as it would be hard to tell the pieces apart due to its dark wooden color. This is why this article emphasizes the difference between hardwood and laminate flooring.

Now, the two wooden floorings are actually similar, but different in some ways. The structures made them really different, and there could be good sides and bad sides from both. Installing, repairing, and cleaning them can also differ greatly. It’s only wise to keep reading and knowing the difference of hardwood and laminate flooring, so that you can choose the one that is perfect for your house.

The Main Difference between Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

  1. Determine whether your house is going to be damp and wet for an extreme measure

To know the difference between hardwood and laminate flooring needs a kick starter, and in this case, you have to know your own dream house/or what it’d look like. See, the hardwood flooring is completely made out of wood, meaning that it’s 100% just wood that’s being cut in the forest. Hardwood is more prone to moist and damp areas, as opposed to laminate that is made of fiberboard and has more distinctive wooden pattern. If you live in an area that is like that, please, do yourself a favor and order for laminate flooring because there’s no guarantee that your pretty, authentic hardwood won’t be damaged from the weather.

  1. Make calculations

Hardwood is definitely more expensive and exquisite than laminate flooring. This is also the reason that laminate flooring is doing well in the market—it’s because it is used to being compared to hardwood and it keeps on improving. Their lifespans actually differs; hardwood will be until 75 years while laminate flooring means more hassle, more intensive caring. It also only lasts for approximately 20 years after being installed. But of course, laminate is still so well-received since it doesn’t cost you a lot, but also retaining the hardwood royal look. If you already know most of the difference between hardwood and laminate flooring, which one will you pick?

  1. The Qualities

Laminate, for a starter, can be done by yourself because installing the floors will be like clicking them together. Laminate is tougher and won’t get scratched easily, and it will be a piece of cake to repair laminate flooring. It can also be installed covering the other surfaces if you want it. And if it’s spring, you can avoid getting allergic from the wood. For hardwood, it will give you a very rich impression.

This has been a guide to know the difference between hardwood and laminate flooring, and again, make your decision as quick as possible!

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