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El Dorado has been one of the most popular furniture stores in the US with varying products to offer. Among the most famous items are the El Dorado furniture living room sets. This particular furniture set comes in various styles, materials, sizes and also prices. Each product offers specific features and details to suit each style preference of the customer. It doesn’t matter how big the living room is, the living room set is a must buy item. It delivers the necessary functionality and aesthetic. It is not just a seating area. Even more, it is the center piece of every living room. In other words, it decides on how good and stylish your living space will be. Therefore, it is critically important to choose the best furniture set. Let’s check out some of the best products offered by El Dorado.

  • Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofa set has been being the most popular sofa set design for living room. This sofa perfectly fits the living space and gives enough seating area for all the family members. Some sectional sofas also come with chaise to give extra seating which is a great thing. The standard measurement for this sofa design is 87 cm H x 224 cm D x 277 cm W. There are so many available options for this sofa in terms of materials and colors.

For instance, you can get the sectional sofa with performance fabric upholstery, baseball stitching, modern design, track arms, attached pillow back, chrome metal frame and gimp trimming accents. The qualifications of the material include hardwood frame, performance fabric, polyester fibers and high density foam. All these qualities aim to perform excellent comfort and appearance that you expect from living room sofa set.

Meanwhile, there are also sleeper sofa sets which give perfect way for you to be completely relaxed in your living room while watching your favorite shows. This sofa features specific details including hidden storage, block style legs, track arms, tufted accents, contemporary styles, comfort seating, adjustable headrest, microfiber upholstery and also easy to lift mechanism. The details of its material include hardwood frame, metal and microfiber. This sofa set is not only spacious but also creatively beautiful. It gives the ultimate bed space that can be used by your guest. Meanwhile, its hidden storage makes sure you have enough secured storage space to store and keep any stuff you have.

  • Coffee Table

The El Dorado furniture living room sets should also come together with a coffee table. The great news is there are various coffee tables available at every El Dorado store. The Totem coffee table for instance, makes a very popular choice. It features push-to-open drawer, modern design, 2 storage drawers, open display space, stainless steel accent, smooth glossy look and balanced floating effect. The materials are stainless steel and engineered wood. By having this particular table in your living room, you will certainly have modern treasure that creates fascinating effect.

  • Accent Chairs

As you have chosen the main furniture that includes sofa set and a coffee table, feel free to add more statement by adding beautiful accent chair. The swivel chair for instance makes a great choice thanks to its contemporary style, relaxed high back, poly-blend fabric upholstery, unique shell shaped chair and also Asian hardwood.

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