Floor to Ceiling Windows Ideas

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Floor to Ceiling Windows Ideas

One way to achieve an amazing modern design room while also receiving a lot of natural lights would be to install floor to ceiling windows in your room. This particular design can be a beautiful addition for a nature lover, as it reveals the view of outdoor area through a vast looking glass. Aside from the achievement of natural lights, you can also watch the changing weather up close, invoking a feeling of living outdoor while in reality you’re living in a modern designed room separated with the outside world by a thin glass. Thus, if you’re a daring person, you should be fond of the idea of this kind of window. This article will give you several cool ideas on the installation of these huge windows in any room in your house.

Best Options of Floor to Ceiling Windows

As mentioned above, we’re going to include several ideas of floor to ceiling windows designs you might love for your own house. Whether you’re a nature person or not, this type of window is a kind of decorative furniture you wouldn’t want to ignore by itself. Listed below two ideas of window installation you would want to check out.

  • Oversized window in your living room

Oversized window in your living room

This particular window would look amazing if you also happen to have a view outside your living room. It’d be better if your living room is connected to your garden, thus allowing more natural light and fresh air to come into the living room. You can add an accented floor to ceiling windows such as a wooden framed glass. This would look better combined with another wooden themed living room furniture to create a more relaxed and natural space for your living room. Use a rug as a seating plan where you can also play along with the children on your living room.

  • Vast glass in your bedroom

Vast glass in your bedroom

This design can be a perfect companion for your modern designed bedroom. It doesn’t really has to be connected with the outside area of your room. It can still look amazing by adding a black framed floor to ceiling windows to create a contrast when the natural light comes into the room. You can also give a decorative curtain if you’re not comfortable with the openness of a room. Just make sure that the curtain can complement the whole design of your vast window and not overwhelm it or even making it look dull.

However, mind yourself that by having such a huge window you also need to make sure that you clean it regularly to avoid a dull looking glass in your house. This can be a disturbance for the whole appearance of the room, thus it’d better to be prepared for the upcoming maintenance you’re going to need to do to keep your floor to ceiling windows looking sharp as ever. You can dust off the dirt with a duster tool or for a more optimal cleaning you should use a special cleaner that is particularly made for window cleaning.

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