How To Frame A Bathroom Mirror With Clips Easily

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A bathroom is one of the essential places in every home. Everyone is, of course, needs it every day and every time, especially for women. About them, they usually require a mirror in their bathroom. It can be small or even big so that it is based on their desire. Talking about how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips, are you interested in it guys? It should be like that because it is one of the unique things that you can do easily.

How To Frame A Bathroom Mirror With Clips Easily

The easy ways to frame a bathroom mirror with clips:

  1. Measure dimensions of the mirror

The first way to do is that measure the dimensions of the mirror. It means that the outside dimensions because it will be given by some small clips. Those clips are usually made of aluminum. On the other hand, there are some clips which are made of plastic.

  1. Cut the wood

After measuring the outside dimensions of the mirror, you are suggested to cut the wood. When you cut it, you should pay attention to the dimensions measured at a 45-degree angle. Besides, if you have a want to make the frame beautiful, you have to cut the wood with the right form.

  1. Place the piece of wood

Place the piece of wood

Then, the third way is putting the piece of wood against the mirror. To get a good result, you should mark the location of the clips using a pen or a pencil so that you can put in the clips without having any difficulties.

  1. Paint the frame pieces

Paint the frame pieces

This way is also significant to do because painting the frame pieces will become the performance look more attractive and amazing. For the additional information, you are suggested to paint the back of the wood too. Indirectly, it will have good looking. Is it right?

  1. Apply liquid nails

Apply liquid nails

The last way that you have to do is applying liquid nails adhesive. It is usually placed at the back of the frame pieces. After that, you can put those frame pieces in place in the mirror. It is effortless, isn’t it? Also, to keep the frame in place while the adhesive is drying, you may use some nice strips.

Those ways above can be applied to everyone, in particular for women because they like beauty very much. About how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips, you can try those five techniques which are mentioned above. Have a good and an easy try!

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