By Greenhouse for Open Space: A House That Develops in Length

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The fascination of a building surrounded by parkland and a clever architectural recovery that has transformed a “winter garden” in a succession of bright and beautiful. The project has kept as much as possible the existing structures: wooden ceilings to doors and windows, garden window greenhouse, renovated preserving the originality of form and size. The current distribution gives priority to the living area and takes advantage of the heights to get two large mezzanines, respectively with the master bedroom and the guest room. Implants – originally none at all – they were made from scratch under renovation. The interiors are characterized by considerable development in plant height and elongated (approximately 40 linear meter), are thus became an elegant open space, where the materials – wood, terracotta, brick – are valued at most. Is to define a cozy and contemporary, enriched by discrete but evident traces of the past.

Plan of the Ground Floor Entrance to the Center

The house opens into a hallway in the center of the plant, which distributes the living room area and kitchen on the other. The volume is an intermediate and above has the guest bedroom.

In the living room the conversation area is multiplied into two independent islands: the one in the foreground is furnished with a contemporary angular sofa in white fabric. To define areas contribute even carpets of vibrant colors in contrast with the grey of the floor. The arched windows are shielded by large neutral linen curtains sliding along a single wrought iron support.

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The more than five-meter high ceiling give a strong upward thrust to the living room leaving, in its entirety, the structure of pitched roof with wooden beams and trusses. The size of the environment, which extends particularly also in length, are highlighted also by the absence of divider elements: the different functional areas are defined only by the position of furniture and pleasant “green barriers”. In the living room, the second conversation area adds a classic touch to the environment: it is decorated with tonal leather chesterfield sofa and armchairs. In the background, a light and discreet arrangement of wooden modules also integrates space for TV, drawing a regular pattern but hide the brick wall.

Down Two Steps

To follow the slope of the land on which the building is constructed, the volume of the kitchen and lunch is slightly lower than the adjacent entrance.

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Polycarbonate transparent chairs in the dining area almost disappear in the background of porcelain and underscore the traditional forms of the table; even the two floor lamps for lighting are characterized by thin lines. On the ground, polished stone in slab: throughout the living area the floor is covered with a black lava stone. Large items, with ground edges, allow to obtain homogeneous surfaces and a lovely color combination with brick walls.

Two styles for the kitchen: the room is furnished with tasteful contemporary forms and high-tech, a wanted to contrast with the rustic finishes under the spotlight. The partition wall is facing bricks, the sloping roof of clay tiles roof, supported by a supporting structure in black painted metal joists. Kitchen and dining room are located in the lower part of the building and are characterized by a sloping roof: light strip of Ribbon window is the connecting element between these two environments. Convivial area, the traditional line of big solid wood table is updated by the choice of chairs made of transparent polycarbonate. In the kitchen the composition of operational area focuses on two parallel sides. In the subwindow is a big white marble worktop which integrates the sink; in front were instead settled on refrigerator side by side and flush items, all with stainless look, of the cooking area. The latter consists of multifunction oven and several modules “domino” cashed in on the top. The furniture fronts are in white gloss lacquer.

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Plan of Gallery with Sleeping Area

The bathroom, which is located below, in exact correspondence of loft, has a part open, which fits in an area dedicated to wellness and relaxation. The chamber adjourned: in one end of the plant was made a raised level areas with area of about 20 square meters. The great height of the two windows ensures excellent natural light also of the loft, as well as the rooms below.

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Terracotta bricks for the walls: recovering the same material of the perimeter walls, even the partitions between the different environments were made with terracotta bricks. Some of these walls, including those surrounding the sanitary compartment, were left unplastered. This service box has a height that deliberately stops, is to leave the light within, and to give more lightness to the entire structure. In the relaxation room the bathroom is designed as a multifunctional environment that delivers water to the surrounding areas. Only the compartment with shower and toilet is enclosed in a box. The hot tub freestanding, parallel to Windows, instead becomes a piece of furniture to be left to view. In this area the floor is covered with teak slats, resistant to water and humidity. Matt varnished teak, also suspended beneath the basin.

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