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If you are looking for new ideas to be applied as your home decoration, then you may need the information of home decorating trend 2018. This year probably will have a similar trend as the last year.

Why doesn’t it change much? There are several reasons why it seems still alive. First, there were many trends last year. Some were left behind, and some keep becoming the trending until nowadays. The second one is that there are so many choices in the mid of 2017 which makes many people confused to choose. The results in the choices are suddenly booming in the end 2017 which then led to the trending in 2018.

Earlier this year, the trend of 2017 is also on the list of home decorating trend 2018. So if you want to create something new for your house, then try to look at this idea that becomes the trend this year.

3 Home decorating trend 2018

There will be three trends that can be your ideas to decorate your home. You may choose one or combine some if you think it will suit your home.

1. Tropical style

Tropical style becomes one of the favorite designs because it looks natural. Lately, many people want some natural-looks for their things, including for the home decoration.

tropical style home decor ideasThe tropical style can be made by yourself. You can still use the green color as the basic. But for more interesting and make it looks more modern in concept, try to give some chromatic pallet with some color like pink or violet. Try to mix it with pastel color. But you need to know that you need to combine it in a right way.

Do not forget to add some wooden bench or something that can help the room looks like the tropical style.

2. Green revitalization

The next home decorating trend 2018 is green revitalization. The fascinating color of green and the chromatic bias of the natural beauty can be seen here. Play with some blue and black colors. You will also need to add some elements to your design. Try to add some natural elements such as a plant.

green revitalization home decor ideasIf you have the plan to decorate your wall, try to play with the green color. You can choose the range that suits your room. You can try to combine it with some range green color and some neutral and warm color.

3. Contemporary art

The next trend in this home decorating trend 2018 is contemporary art. This design has the aesthetic pleasure.

contemporary art home decor ideasContemporary art is curtly trending in many things such as house paintings. The contemporary theme also can be found in furniture arrangement and as the bedroom theme.

If you want to apply this, make sure that you think about the lightning. You may choose the color of the wall and the furniture as you want. It is suitable for the minimalist house concept. Also for those who like the traditional concept in a modern style, this could be your best choice.

No matter which one you would like to apply, just make sure that it lays your dream style. The other home decorating trend 2018 probably will come, but the three of them will be on top.

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