How Long Is School for Interior Design? Understanding the Degrees and Majors

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how long is school for interior design

Are you thinking about working as a professional interior designer? How long is school for interior design? Wait, you need to go to school to work as an interior designer? Well, on the contrary to what people believe working as an interior designer isn’t as easy as you think. You won’t only be thinking about the right layout of the room, which is good and which is bad for the room. However, you also need to calculate the cost, outsource the work to related suppliers, and manage everything so the final result will be amazing. The most challenging aspect is about the management – how you can plan the design while managing the entire work so the flow will be smooth. And yes, it takes a formal education to hone your skills.

How Long Is School for Interior Design? Knowing the Basics

Most people underestimate the work of an interior designer by thinking, “Oh, that’s only about mixing and matching. I can do the same thing”. Well, it is not exactly the same. Although some people ARE born with natural talents and skills, a lot of them still have to go through the formal education to understand the room’s layout, the color’s psychology, and such thing alike.

How long is school for interior design, you may ask? Well, it depends on the educational title that you are looking for. Some people say that it takes a bachelor degree to work as a professional designer but in most cases, having an associate degree will be enough. If you take an associate degree, you will spend at least two years for studying – three years will be the max. But if you take the bachelor degree, you will spend at least four years for studying. And in the event that you are interested in taking the master degree, be prepared to spend around three years for school.

Your question about how long is school for interior design has been answered but let’s not forgets about the internship factor. Although having the formal education is important, the real practice isn’t always the same with the theories. No matter how talented you are or how excellent your grades are at school, those things would be meaningless if you have never been involved in the real practice. That’s why a real and direct practice is crucial.

If you have been wondering about how long is school for interior design and you add those years with the time needed for the internship, the total may be over 5 or 6 years. Yes, if you want to be an independent and professional designer with your own credibility and certification, expect yourself to spend more than those years. Those top notch designer names have had more than 10 years of experience in their field – their journey can be an inspiration for you.

It is super crucial that you gain a formal education despite your natural talents. A formal education can widen your view and knowledge and you can always learn new things. Now that you know “how long is school for interior design”, be prepared to plan the time and also other required resources.

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