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The summer season has now arrived and it is time to start rearranging the garden after winter. I’m sure we all have our “wish list” of improvements. I am a dreamer. And if you’re like me, and your budget allows, today I propose a few ideas on how to fix up your garden.

The garden is nice because it’s varied! Each garden is unique. As a matter of space, style, needs and much more. The space at our disposal is a big factor, but not a limit if we small spaces. Also a terrace can become a small and cozy area green, with the right precautions. Everything lies in understanding our needs: what we want to take advantage of this outdoor space?

If we do not have space issues, and we are interested and like to use our outdoor in an optimal way to welcome friends and family and feasting in joy, we can think of a distinct area with a large table, chairs and benches at will, which identify the environment “everyone at the table.” Conversely, for more content, why not create a quiet corner with an outdoor sofa and two armchairs or a chaise longue with soft and comfortable cushions, or, why not, a comfortable hammock.

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Solutions and proposals today are truly many, for all needs, taste and budget.

A beautiful modern patio. To design the furniture a patio you first need to assess its position; can be a covered patio, deck or porch; or set up in the garden and sheltered by a pergola or gazebo.

In General, the style of garden furniture may or follow one adopted for the Interior, or depart from it completely. All this provided that follow a logical, even in discontinuity. On the other hand it is no secret that mix classical and modern styles can lead to significant and unique solutions.

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Be careful though not to expire the impression of “things”, which would achieve the opposite effect, of jumble of elements.

To be sure of the result you must have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and then choose the style to follow is crucial.

Once you understand the direction we want to take, we can thus choose wood, warm and durable, from rustic to country until modern forms, or Wicker, with its vintage, or the modern rattan or wrought iron, for a touch of Provence, or plastic, from the simplest models, to the most innovative forms of design.

A practical and elegant solution for roofs. The choice of materials is especially important if the patio is located in an area exposed to the elements; for example, if you choose to furnish it with wooden furniture you have to treat it with a protective used to prevent too much sun and rains will degrade over time.

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Whether you are a lover of zen minimalism, or on the Baroque, you pursue eco-sustainability or simple convenience or the refined design, keep in mind that quality rhymes with durability. The advice is to always choose furniture and accessories that they can withstand the elements, to heat such as UV rays, to avoid having to change everything with a certain frequency, and therefore, expense.

Whatever the space at our disposal and the style you choose, we will certainly be pleased to know that you are protected from the sun as from heavy rain outside. Do not expose the lawn furniture to direct sunlight as rain, can be useful to preserve the beauty and also to be able to afford to live our space safely.

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For those who have the arcade, half the game is done. Just consider the exposure to the sun and see if we need to put, for example, of the curtains. Same thing goes for the porch. Another solution is the gazebo, even for those who do not have the ability to fix to the wall fix structure. There are different types, again to taste and budget.

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A green corner and colorful. A classic, with for example a table surrounded by chairs, sofa, lounge chair or Ottoman, will make your patio a place of relaxation, perfect to relax, read a good book but also entertaining friends for a drink and a chat.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated are the decorative elements. Accessories which, when put in the right place, can give that little bit extra that enriches our outdoor space. Vessels bears flowers, flower arrangements, compositions with wood and stones, candles, decorative objects or small statues or sculptures, are all elements that personalize and give character to the outdoors.

As you may have noticed is not difficult. There can be multiple solutions, depending on the desires and budget, but also the possibilities and combinations are endless.

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