Inspiring Designs of Bathroom in Spanish

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The designs of the bathroom in Spanish have much in common with the interior styles of its Mediterranean neighbors such as the Tuscan and Morocco. As well as the interior style, Spanish bathroom design is flavorful and vibrant. If you want to add unique of flair to your home, this style might be right for you. However, before you start to apply it in your home, you need to know the primary characters.

Spanish Bathroom Style Remodel Design Layout

The characteristics of Spanish Bathroom Styles

  1. Start the design with the tiles

Tiles in the Spanish-style bathroom just cover the bottom of the wall. There is a clear line that separating the surface. Terracotta tiles brightly colored as red, yellow, and orange is always in this style. It should be to get a bold and bright nuance. To get a more eclectic style, you can also combine them by different types of tiles.

  1. Dome Anywhere

If the arch is usually in the hallway, in front of house, windows, and doors, most of the bathroom in Spanish has a dome area in it, especially for the mirror. Besides, you can find it in a corner or creative space that is usually for potted indoor plants or candles.

  1. Bathroom with the wooden wall? Why not?

Maybe it sounds weird if there is a walled wooden bathroom. In fact, it makes the Spanish bathroom looks fashionable. Instead, it makes it an elegant focal point with the warm touch. Also, wood can also work well with various colors. Thus, there is nothing wrong with the wood-paneled bathroom design.

The tip is to use darker wood to get a more attractive design with an old-fashioned sense of style. You can use wooden windows then polished it with dark tones. This will be suitable for both rustic and modern bathroom styles.

  1. Chandelier for lighting and unique décor

One of the primary characteristics for bathroom designs in Spanish is the chandelier. Whether it is vintage or modern, it will exude uniqueness.

  1. Create a simple rustic and warm nuance on the ceiling

Exposed ceiling beams are not only a hallmark of the rustic interior but also Spanish style, including in the bathroom. It will draw the eye’s attention to look up on your bathroom ceiling. Besides, the beam will make the chandelier look perfect.

Spanish has a great long history. With a combination of several touches from neighboring countries, the designs of the bathroom in Spanish feel more unique. This is ideal for those of you who expect a perfect interior regarding diversity.

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