My Roof Is Leaking and How to Overcome It

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Leaking on roof is completely not good situation, especially during rain and winter. You may ever ask “what should I do when my roof is leaking?” Such impression is common for people with less experience in this area but they try to overcome the complex structure of roof. Before preparing tools and start repairing, it is better to know leaking location and the cause.

Tips to Fix If Your Roof is Leaking

  1. Finding leaking area

My Roof Is Leaking

The most important part when you think “my roof is leaking” is just finding the leaking area. It is not easy job, especially when the water is not right under leaking spot. You know how water flow. It comes from top to low place and goes alongside corridor under the top roof. You may put bucket under certain spot in the corner, but the real location is not there. Corner is the lowest position in roof and water will go based on its characteristic. It might be disadvantage, but you can turn disadvantage into benefit. One capable person should take roof area and follow water trail. Leaking spot is difficult to find in day, but excess leaking will show the wet mark.

Are you sure about this location? Check the roof by dropping little water then let someone check it again to make sure that water reach the floor through exact location. When the location is right, it is time to go into next step.

  1. Isolation and check roof structure

Isolation and check roof structure

Leaking is already found, but you need to check roof structure to determine this impact. What is the next step when my roof is leaking? House with attic has different structure from others and chimney might be another structure to look forward. Isolate location that’s leaking might be spread. You can take ten centimeters as perimeter form the main leaking location.

  1. Repairing and checking

Repairing and checking roof

There are two ways to overcome leaking roof, both temporary and permanent. Firstly, you can try to use metal sheet, which is available at store. This is temporary sheet to cover leaking area. Put this sheet on roof under shingle then keep it at stable position. This temporary solution is good when you are in the middle of harsh season which outdoor repairing is high risk. Another temporary solution is attic cover, which prevents water to reach the down area. In this matter, you should put cover from top and below respectively to strengthen the area.

Solution for ‘my roof is leaking’ is more than temporary when you see potential for severe damage for few weeks later. Full repairing is necessary to make sure that roof is free from leaking. You may contact professional or expert for complex repairing. If the roof is small and made in easy structure, you may handle the job and check again when job is done.

Living in area with heavy snow season requires solid and strong roof. The leaking might come after the snow melt then make the roof unstable. Single broken part from roof is important to check. Tools and materials for repairing are available at store and you can ask shopkeeper for detail information. You do not have to say “my roof is leaking” again after knowing what to do.

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