How to Paint Old Furniture

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The figure of the cabinet maker or restorer is gradually disappearing in an increasingly technological world, where antique crafts and romantics seem to be part of the past. How to paint old furniture? No problem, you can resort to the do it yourself. With just a few tools, a little patience and a little creativity. If you are particularly fond of to a mobile, affective reasons or because they are in love, you can give them a new life. The secret? Spray paint or varnish to brush the furniture after the treatment and finishing. By doing so you won’t have to buy a new one and save a lot of money giving life to your old furniture. Before discovering how to repaint a piece of furniture in 10 moves, make sure you have: a sheet, sandpaper, clean cloth, a dust mask, gloves, wood putty, primer, paint brushes, roller, polish or clear lacquer.

1. Prepare the work area

For how to repaint a piece of furniture in 10 moves you must first prepare the work area thoroughly. The first thing to do is to open the doors and Windows, leaving air the room for at least a couple of hours. Roll on the ground of old sheets and take positions over mobile, and be sure to wear a mask and gloves. All set? Well, we can begin to discover how to repaint a piece of furniture.

2. Remove the accessories of furniture

For wood varnishing of furniture you have to operate on a completely free surface, then you need to eliminate all the accessories of furniture, drawers or cabinets as handles, locks and other items that might be an obstacle in finishing phase. These can be put back later, replaced or removed permanently. If you intend to reuse these paint accessories do not bring them; If you don’t plan on using them again you can give the Cabinet a more uniform color.

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3. Repair chipped or damaged parts

During the finishing phase, the cabinet may have holes or chips, you need to remove it using a wood putty. Make sure you apply it only on the damaged parts, no matter if some parts overlap because they will then sanded. If you intend to replace the handles and locks, fill the holes up to the edge of the surface and then levelers. Before proceeding to the next step make sure the Cabinet is completely dry.

4. Use the sandpaper

Use sandpaper to sand the surface and to remove paint or lacquer covering the mobile, thus promoting the uptake of the Fund in finishing phase. If the Cabinet there are inaccuracies or engravings, make sure to sand with extreme meticulousness and accuracy. Especially pay attention to the parts that need to be filled, sanded so that it is perfectly smooth and homogeneous with respect to the surface of the furniture.

5. Remove sanding residue

Using a clean cloth, be sure to remove all debris after sanding, perhaps using a mild detergent. After this operation, wipe the wood with another clean cloth. The preparatory phase is concluded: we can proceed to paint wood to give new life to the cabinet.

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6. Lay out the bottom

To repaint a piece of furniture the first thing to do is lay out the bottom, also known as primer, you need to prepare the surface to be painted, making it less wrinkled. Roll out the bottom with a brush in the edges, in corners and hidden, hard-to-reach areas, while larger areas or flat using a roller. Spend at least a couple of coats on the surface, and allow it to dry completely.

7. Sand the surface

When the surface is completely dry any sandpaper using a fine sandpaper, so the paint will adhere perfectly to the bottom. Before applying the paint thoroughly clean the wood from dust and other residue with a clean cloth.

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8. Paint mobile

We can finally paint and paint the mobile, one of the most delicate phases of the operation. Passed before a roll on smooth, then use a brush in the most complicated to achieve, such as edges or corners. Let the paint dry trying any points which have not been painted. At this stage I recommend using a wood conditioner, which slows the drying process by making the furniture more polished. Also make sure to buy a good quality brush, which costs more but lasts even more over time. A cheap brush tends and lose the bristles, which risk as well to stick to the paint. Speaking of paint, it is appropriate to make a clarification. On the market there are two types: opaque and stain. The sturdy covering paint forms a film over the surface of the wood; impregnating varnish instead is absorbed by the wood without creating any surface film. The paint stain is particularly recommended for outdoor use, since it does not create no film resists much better to weathering.

9. Apply a second coat of paint

After getting past the bottom and paint, wait until the Cabinet is completely dry: at least 6 hours, preferably overnight. You can then apply a second coat of paint, so that the Cabinet take on a darker black polished color. For wood varnishing you should indicate two techniques: the brush and spray. You can paint with a brush, as we have just seen, and in this case the mobile takes on a brighter hue. This methodology is the most suitable to repaint a piece of furniture in a homogeneous way, especially if it is useful to preserve its value. Alternatively you can paint a mobile spraying, but in this case the tone will be more “crazy”. Spray paint certainly represents a fastest and cheapest technique, but it is advisable to modern furniture.

10. Finish the mobile

Once the paint has dried completely, just hover over a Polish or a lacquer to protect the wood from scratches or chipping. This causes the mobile will look more polished with a vivid color. When the paint has dried completely, you can store your mobile wherever you like. It is a process that you can perform on your own if you have a minimum of manual work. If you don’t feel like it, you don’t have time or simply don’t feel capable, you can consult a specialist for refinish antique furniture or modern.

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