Painting Foundation Exterior to Make the House Looks Great

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People will do anything to own a house. They will do anything to make it look great. To do so, some people willingly spend a lot of money to make it become a reality. Making a house looks great is not always about buying furniture. Painting foundation exterior is one of the many ways to make home looks better. For some people, it is not necessary to do that because they rarely pay attention to it. That may be right, but you should know that by applying paint to your rough foundation, it will do the trick to alter the appearance of your house in a good way. If you compare a painted with a non-painted foundation, for sure you will notice how bad it is to leave it unfinished.

Painting Foundation Exterior to Make the House Looks Great

Easy Steps in Painting Foundation Exterior

If you do not have the help of craftsman, do not worry. The tools and equipment needed in painting foundation exterior are not that hard to get. Maybe most of them are already in your possession. To do this kind of work, you do not need the skill of a craftsman; even an amateur can do this. However, to achieve the best result, you need to work with heart. Well, here is the step by step that you need to follow.

  1. Preparations

Prepare the tools and equipment: cement/concrete paint, paint brush, roller brush, painters pan, cleaning rags, hose.

  1. Cleaning and preparing to paint

The next step is to clean your foundation. Make sure you are already repaired the cracked surface before doing the cleaning. Use a water hose to wash its surface, and then wipe it dry using a rag. After cleaning the foundation, prepare the painting equipment, such as roller brush (if you have a dirty roller brush, make sure to wash it first to remove dust and dirt). A clean roller brush is necessary to achieve the best result.

  1. Painting and coating

Now let us move to the main step. First, use a paint brush to paint the grooves in the cement/concrete foundation. Paint carefully towards the same direction. Do not be amazed if you spent a lot of paint in this first layer of coating. After you finished the first coat, please wait about an hour to let the first coat dry out completely.

  1. Finishing

The last step can be done after the first coat dry completely. Apply the second layer of paint using the roller brush. Move the roller brush in the same direction to achieve a smooth and flawless surface.

The paint color is completely up to your choice. Usually, the foundation paint will follow the same color as the wall above it. If the wall painted with white, usually people will paint the cement/concrete foundation with the same white. But again, that is completely about your taste, so you can pick any color that you prefer. After applying paint to the foundation, you will surely notice the huge difference. The rough, rugged surface becomes a lot nicer just by painting it. Adding color to the gray-colored foundation has proven to do the trick. That is the reason why the activity such as painting foundation exterior is necessary

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