Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring versus Hardwood as Home Owner Preference

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It is not easy to make list of pros and cons of laminate flooring versus hardwood. Both of them have good and bad aspects that need to be considered. Laminate flooring is resin or artificial product with wood-like texture and appearance. Meanwhile, hardwood is solid wood or layered plywood to put as flooring.

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring versus Hardwood

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring versus Hardwood Review

  1. Texture and artistic

Nature pattern in solid wood is irresistible and people like to have such pattern for floor. You want to get such pattern in room and two options are available. Natural accent in wood cannot be imitated with artificial product, but laminate flooring is good enough as replacement. Wood will give different color when it’s getting older or receiving direct sunlight. You will see exotic result when this thing happens. One thing in pros and cons of laminate flooring versus hardwood review is about the artistic as it’s easy to recognize from eyesight. Hardwood is at different level comparing to laminate wood. Of course, hardwood is preferable for exquisite floor.

  1. Installation and maintenance

Laminate wood is easy to install without complex tool. It is like putting new layer on top of recent floor then binds them tightly. The next thing in pros and cons of laminate flooring versus hardwood review is about installation. Laminate flooring is at better side for installation since it is quick and easy. On contrary, you can install hardwood on your own without proper skill and tools.

  1. Longevity

Hardwood has lifetime advantage for longevity. Laminate flooring is good for ten years and proper maintenance gives the next ten years. Longevity and durability of floor material depends on many aspects. If the room receives many people every day, you cannot expect to get long time advantage of utilization. Well, kitchen is area with high probability to reduce lifetime of flooring. Scratch, water, oil, or any sharp object can make the floor more vulnerable.

  1. Cost

Pros and cons of laminate flooring versus hardwood cannot be separated from the cost or price. It is obviously clear that hardwood is more expensive than laminate wood. The cost is the reason for people to choose laminate flooring in order to keep the budget at minimum. The cost involves many aspect such material, maintenance, repairing, installation, etc. When deciding to use hardwood, it is better to spend more money for quality. For your information, cheap hardwood will give much effort and cost for maintenance. You will repair it when unexpected thing happens. On contrary, laminate floor is flexible because it is cheaper and easy to repair.

  1. Environmental aspect

Laminate flooring is not real wood which is less eco-friendly. You can replace old one with new, but it cannot be recycled. Therefore, the old floor is useless. On contrary, hardwood is very easy to put back again as new floor, even though it is the secondhand product.

You may have difficult option when picking laminate flooring or hardwood. Both of them have pros and cons. By spending much cost for hardwood, it will give a lifetime capacity and environmental friendly decoration. On the other side, laminate wood delivers flexibility and cost efficiency for maintenance and installation. Therefore, you should read pros and cons of laminate flooring versus hardwood before deciding which one that’s suitable.

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