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Among the available furniture stores in the US, Raymour Flanigan is definitely a popular choice. This furniture store offers a wide variety of interior furniture. Each of Raymour Flanigan living room sets come in high quality to ensure durability. And, it also comes in style allowing you to easily fit the sofa set in your existing living space. When it comes to the living room sets, there are several main items being included in it such as sofas and sectionals, tables and storage, chairs and recliners and also entertainment sets.

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Sofas and Sectionals

Let’s start with the sofa. Sofa and sectionals are crucial furniture items that should exist in every living room. Proudly, the Raymour Flanigan store offers more than enough choices for you and other customers to choose. There are most popular sofa designs being available such as ottoman chairs, settees, chaises, sleeper sofa mattresses, convertible sofas and futon, sleeper sofas, sectional sofas and also loveseat. Which sofa design to choose is determined by the interior setting, the shape and size of the living room. For instance, small living room goes better with chaises and single sofas rather than ottomans or sectional. It is very important to make sure there is enough space left once the furniture set is added.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for sofas to add statement and style into your living room, the accent chairs are wonderful choices. These are usually additional items that can give dramatic effect to the whole seating. They usually have bold colors and designs that make them stand out.

Loveseat also makes another great sofa choice. It is usually smaller so it takes less space. This is basically the reason why it goes great for an apartment. When it comes to loveseat design, there are so many to choose from classic and reclining loveseat. If you are willing to invest in loveseat for many years to come, the reclining loveseat is a great option. It instantly upgrades your living space with its chic stylus power reclining seat. It allows you to comfortable fund the perfect seating position for maximum comfort. It also has storage underneath that can be revealed from its armrest. It comes with high quality upholstery material, curvy track arms and top stitching for perfect complementary.

Tables and Storage

Suppose you have done choosing which sofa set to be added into your living room, continue looking for the right table to complement the sofa set. There are most popular designs available including coffee tables, sofa tables, end tables and accent tables. If you look for fully functional table, the coffee table makes an ideal choice. It is available in standard size that is big enough for use by the homeowners. It can be square or round in shape, depending on personal style preference. Most of the tables are made from high quality wood such as teak, cherry, mahogany and also plywood. Meanwhile, the available styles are varying from the classic cut like square and round to uniquely contemporary cut for modern living room. The price of the table is usually started at $150.

Basically, you can mix the designs of sofa and table. In other words, it doesn’t have to be in the same design. Be creative and create the most appealing style combination of Raymour Flanigan living room sets.

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