Repairing Roof Vent Leaking to Prevent Severe Damage

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Leaking is common problem when you have old roof or vent due to weather, utilization, external force, etc. In general, roof vent leaking is another problem which requires delicate treatment, especially for repairing. When this problem happens, you have two steps to follow and they will be explained in the next sections.

Steps for Repairing Roof Vent Leaking

  1. Finding leaking location and isolation

roof vent leaking

This is the most crucial moment because it determines the severity of roof vent leaking. During heavy raining, leaking may appear on corner of ceiling with water stain. When you see big stain, this means leaking might be serious. Small stain is difficult to spot, but you may see it easily when leaking area is in different color from surrounding.

Seeing water stain on ceiling is not solid proof to estimate that leaking area is at the top of ceiling. If you have attic on house, finding the right location is a little bit easy. Go to attic with flashlight and point lighting directly toward water stain. If you do not see any stain right on the top of ceiling, try to spot vent, especially in pipe. As we know, home uses vent or pipe to let water from roof go down, especially during rain and snow. This pipe might be broken due to several reasons.

After finding exact location of roof vent leaking, the next step is isolation. You may check it again with pouring water to make sure this is the right position for repairing. Explore the damage thoroughly to check the level of severity. This is important to decide whether you need to take permanent reparation or just temporary.

  1. Repairing

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After knowing the exact location and making mark, the next step is repairing. If the pipe is broken, you just go to store to buy new one alongside the tools and additional material. Keep old pipe clean from water, stain, dust, or any dirt. For momentary, you can seal the top area of pipe to prevent anything enter during reparation. Pipe is built in single and long tube with top and end section. You need to soother below area then try to lift gently, but keep at recent position. When the below part is removable, pull pipe from top then put aside. Clean conjunction between one pipes and other. If your job in roof vent leaking is more than one pipe, just repeat process similarly.

After surrounding area is clean and dry, install new pipe then seal it tightly. Seal is special glue to keep the pipe from leaking. Wait for several hours then check it again for the last time. Pour water from top then see if there is stain or small drop leak from pipe. Your roof is leaking because the top area is broken. For this matter, you need metal seep to cover from top and above. It is temporary solution before removing broken area completely.

Repairing roof is not easy task, particularly for person with less skill and knowledge in plumbing. You may need advice and assistance from experienced person, such as friends or neighbor. For severe damage in roof vent leaking, professional repairing is the last solution as you do not want your roof to be depraved during harsh weather.

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