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You may have idea in mind and want to design the room based your own preference. Computer is suitable tool to build modeling and sketch for your design. For such purpose, room building software is the right solution due to several benefits. What is difference between this software and space-based application? For your information, room or building is 3D object then it needs space and projection when planning in computer. This kind of application of software is popular in engineering, builder, and architect. You need skill, knowledge, and training to operate this software. Moreover, cost for buying is significantly high for personal user. On contrary, it takes small software to just create interior and room with less knowledge in space-based software. The next section will provide several matters regarding this software before you decide to buy or use.

Room Building Software

Room Building Software Review

  1. Free or paid version

You have two options commonly offered from software developer. Free or paid software is what you need to choose at first time before using it. For room building software, free app is enough to create simple design, particularly for beginner. If you need more feature, paid version is also available to support your preference and gives more advanced feature to visualize your design.

  1. Interface

People use room building software because it is less complicated and has easy interface. It takes short time to learn and start new project. Several software models are available on market with different user interface. Each of software has different interface, but you may recognize basic mode such as the main area for room planning, color palette, additional object, etc. If you can operate one software, the next one is quite easy.

  1. 3D modeling

The most important part in interior design is capability to make 3D modeling. As you know, having 3D modeling gives realistic projection about design. This feature is necessary and obligatory for design software, especially for architect and engineering. Understanding 3D design is the most difficult part for beginner. Moreover, simple software will give easy access to translate design into what designer wants.

  1. Texture and color

You may create black and white picture at first time then adding color to look more attractive. The color cannot be separated from any software design, especially room building software. You can find color palette in software that handles project for graphic, video, interior, room, etc. Besides color, another important feature is texture. When creating cabinet, you may want wooden texture to apply. Color is not enough to create realistic design and texture will assist such thing.

  1. Object library

Object library means catalogue in software such as floor, wall, furniture, and some samples. It is useful to have samples and ready-object to use. Instead of creating from beginning, you can start to put object such as cabinet, closet, shelves, sofa, chair, and table easily from object library. After putting certain object, you can modify it to suit preference. This is useful and important feature at all.

  1. Advanced feature

Simple and basic features may not enough to support your idea. Advanced feature means complex and sophisticated tools for room building software as similar to professional software. This kind of feature is available only for paid version

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