Smart Garden Ideas for Indoor Area

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Garden acts as more than open area with green plants and trees. You can modify garden into various decoration to express certain theme. Majority of garden take outdoor area, but you may try for indoor garden. There are smart garden ideas that can be implemented on home. What is difference between outdoor and indoor garden? Garden with closed perimeter, but not part of home, is categorized as outdoor. Indoor garden is built in certain part of room. This takes a part as decoration to support room itself. Therefore, garden is not separated from the main room. Some ideas below will give overall explanation about indoor garden at home.

Smart Garden Ideas on Indoor Living

  1. Pots and vases

Pots and vases in garden

The easiest way to create garden inside the home is via pots and vases. You can make garden at corner of living room or specific spot that’s designed for garden. At first step, prepare several pots in the same size and design. Put some soils then plant seeds. Garden may be a part of decoration, but you create this thing without buying ready plant. Gardening tends to start everything from beginning which makes indoor garden to be more special.  Combine some vases or pots to create more variations and attractive result.

  1. Plastic bottle garden

Plastic bottle garden

Plastic bottle is good tool to make indoor garden. There are several ideas involving plastic bottle to keep the plants. First idea is plastic bottle as pot. You just keep single plant on single bottle then arrange on certain spot on room. To make it more interesting, create long ladder with two to four layers. Put few bottle in the same plants at one layer. Next layer is similar with the same bottle but different plant. You can apply plastic bottle as smart garden ideas that bind on the wall. Create holes for plant at the body section of bottle. Put in horizontal mode then bind to the wall. Furthermore, add soil and plant to make beautiful garden. Arrange garden in various style to enjoy the scene ultimately.

  1. Hanging garden

Smart Garden Ideas

Another idea to make indoor garden is hanging mode. Keep in mind that this is different from binding on the wall. You need tools such as bottle, pot or cans as long as they are able to hang wood or metal hanger. This garden should put in hanger with capability to move from lower to higher position. You still need to add water regularly. Hanging garden may use fixed hanger, but take ladder when you need for watering. To make it more beautiful, combine this garden with lighting fixture. You will enjoy beautiful indoor garden in the evening.

Besides three ideas above, there are several ways to implement indoor garden. You can utilize old sofa, boxes, or anything to keep the plants. One advanced method is garden without soil; it uses liquid as replacement. Indoor garden might turn into small farm when you plant some vegetables. As long as everything is on the right order, this garden gives the utmost utilization for room. Therefore, this is time to try one of smart garden ideas to create beautiful atmosphere for the room.

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