How to Solve Water Leaking From Ceiling under Bathroom?

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Water leaking from ceiling under bathroom must be a serious problem to anyone else since it may bring the damp and cause the floor dirty. Due to this problem, you must want to fix the leak by hiring the professional one. However, you might want to fix it alone by yourself if you know the cause and solution of the leak itself. Therefore, here, in this following detailed points will be explained more about this issue.

How to Solve Water Leaking From Ceiling under Bathroom?

Causes for water leaking

When you found water leaking from ceiling under bathroom, the first thing you need to do is to figure out and find the causes of the leak itself. Well, here are the causes of the water leaking which are common to face.

  1. The leak in your upstairs toilet. Believe or not, the toilet leak often becomes the result of some defect or break in the wax ring’s seal which adjoins the toilet to the floor. You might not realize it, but whenever you flush the toilet, you would cause water penetrates through the bathroom floor into the downstairs’ ceiling of yours. To fix this problem is not that hard because you just need to remove the commode as well as you replaces the wax ring.
  2. The attached leak to the sink or the toilet in the water supply. There may be a leak in your water supply that attaches to the sink traps so that when the connectors of the drain pipes are not joined tightly, the leak may go down. As a result, for the solution of this problem, you need to figure out and check the supply lines by touching them to see whether or not the parts are damp. If you find out they are damp, you would better replace the whole parts. Of course, you have to use the correct installation.
  3. The issued drainpipes. The leaks of the drain pipes almost always appear and vanish at the same time across the ceiling. If the drainpipe is the one that causes the leak, you have to replace the fittings. Go to the hardware store and take the damaged fittings to make sure you get the same one as the example to buy and then to install. Mostly, the modern drainpipes are made of ABS. There are also some made of white PVC. Make sure you select and buy the exact type which matches your previous drainpipes.

The solution for water leaking

If there is water leaking from ceiling under bathroom existed, you have to do something. Here are the solutions of the water leaking that you might take.

  1. Hire the plumber. It is suggested to hire the plumber if you do not have any experience of fixing the pipes which cause water leaking. If you are stubborn and determine to fix it by yourself without any idea, you might even make the leak worse.
  2. Tools. Repairing the water leaking without any tool is impossible. You need to buy some tools including glue or other primary equipment to install the PVC or ABS. Search for the company which is not only well-known but also provides best-qualified tools for water leaking.
  3. The rubber boot. Most of the people always conclude that there is a problem with the ceiling drywall so that they start cutting it. However, ceiling drywall might not be the only problem. It may be the rubber boot. You’d better check the rubber boot, whether or not it is damaged.

That’s about water leaking from ceiling under bathroom which may be useful for anyone who needs this information to fix their problems of water leaking.

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